Treatment of HIV/AIDS with Naturopathy - Part 1

When a person knows that he is HIV / AIDS and it is the last stage. All doctors have give clear answer of no treatment to him. Now, there is no possibility of your living your life and pray of God for getting way to to reach his home. At that time which is best system for you. In naturopathy, every chronic disease can be curable but it has to follow with full of trust and self-confidence. So, come and see the naturopathy treatment. For making its habit, you first 30 days, you have to follow. When it will become your habit, you will be automatically follow it for your whole life.

1st Step : Knowledge has no End Point and BE Positive All Time 

There are two person who were injured with gun. One was injured with one bullet and other was injured with six bullet. A person who was injured with six bullet, is thinking that he has to live at any cost. A person who was injured with one bullet, feared deeply. He died with this fear. Doctor started to operate him for withdrawing bullet. Doctor saved him because of his positive thinking.  With this, we want to prove that we must be positive all the time. There is no end point of knowledge. If doctor says to you that you are the patient of HIV Positive and there is no hope of your living after 10 years. There are lots of virus who is decreasing the power of our immune system. At that time, you have to bring your positive power. You are soul. You can do anything. At the latest knowledge, still, there is no possibility as per allopathic doctors but inventions are still continuing. Was there be  any possibility of flying of airplane? Was there be any possibility of running of trains on railway tracks. Doctors of allopathic are saying it is not 100% curable. But it is not end point. In naturopathy, it is 100% curable disease. But there is need of positive. Yes, HIV / AIDS are fully curable. This hope will start from your heart and mind. Your immune system's blood cell are disappointing due to depression of this disease. But you have to stand up and motivate them and says never give up.

2nd Step : LIVE Today Life Today, Stop the Doors of Past and Future

You must not remember the mistakes of past. Why did it happen to my life? It will decrease your energy, if you will think all time of past mistakes. Stop to think about past. It is fact. It has happened. Stop the door of past. Your brain is just like a door. You have the power to stop this door and lock it and keep the key in your pocket. No past thoughts should come in your today life. Today, you have to forget, you are the patient of HIV / AIDS. Because it is also fact of past. Enjoy your today life with happiness. Like thieves, your negative thoughts will carry you again in the past. But if you have the power of positivity, your lock will not break by your negative thoughts. As many time, you remember your past negative fact, your stress level will increase. Your immune system is also injured. By thinking about past, you are giving more injury to it. Your best treatment is not to think of past at any cost. Your blood will become weak if you start to remember past fact or future tension. Life is the name of today. Everyone is living only today life. Whether you are suffering the HIV positive or AIDS or not, you can only today life. Even, I am also not immortal. I may die tomorrow before you. When I do not know my future, why I will take the tension of future. What happened is now the only history of past. So, do not worry and be happy and live today great life. For 30 days, you have to live this time. Never think about past. Never think future. This is great treatment for you. In past and in future, there are lots of enemy who is weaking  you by bringing fear on your emotions.

3rd Step : Speak + Listen Om + 20 Kms Walking Per Day 

You have to walk 20 kms per day. Every new step of walking will give the power to your immune system. If you also speak om with. There will be magic and it will surely solid your immune system. By speaking om, you will give the peace and stability to your brain. I am speaking om. By speaking om, I am getting new pure oxygen. Oxygen will make new fighter who will fight with virus. Walking will bring the sweat on your face. It will kill the virus and make it light acid water and you will be cured. So, it is very simple formula. There are lots of om music on youtube. You can download them and listen with your head phone. Om is supreme power. I am breathing long and then speaking om. By breathing long through it, I can withdraw all polluted air through my nose. With this, your disease will remove.

4th Step : Stop to Eat Non-Veg., Eggs, Drink , meat, Oily and salty food, cold water, sugar and Tea

You should not eat any type of non-veg and meat and eggs. It is not for you. You also leave the salty and sugar food. You must not drink alcohol. You also must not drink tea and cold water.

5th Step : Eat Fruits and Normal Water

You must eat fruits every day. It has great nutritional value to remove the virus of HIV.  No one die with AIDS. In you, the capacity to fight with disease will die. So, different other infection and chronic disease will start to attack on you. But if you eat fruits daily, you will be solid to fight with all.

6th Step : Start Body-weight Strength  Exercises

As per Mahatma Budh, on the basis of your current thoughts, your future will make. So, only positive thoughts of doing body-weight strength exercises will come. It will strong your body muscles. So, it will not weak. Your body weight will be stable. You always think,  I am strong, I am strong. I will do body weight strength exercise and I will become strong. Do push up. Do pull up. Do squat. These will give the strength to your body. It will also strong your immune system. You should know the immune system. Immune system will weak, it means, there is good chance of spreading infection in your body. But with body weight exercise, you can become strong and immune system will become powerful.

7th Step : Stop to Watch TV, TV Shows, TV News and Newspapers

All are the source of negativity. Save yourself from negativity through it.

8th Step : Follow Brahmcharya 

Brahmcharya means to stop waste your sexual energy. You have to use it for fighting with HIV positive and AIDS. By following brahmcharya, we will increase our power. There are lots of books, you can learn about it more.

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