Treatment of Prostatitis without Surgery

With this video, you will learn the simple steps of natural treatment of prostatitis without surgery. This treatment will also help to cure enlargement of male prostate gland  and to cure all prostate gland problems. If you will follow following simple steps, you need not to go to Prostate Gland Surgery or no need of Radical Prostatectomy.

1st Step Make the Good Habits of Health
2nd Step Stop Tea and Coffee and Alcohol and other allopathic medicines and  drugs addictions
3rd Step Stop to Eat Meat, chicken, non veg and eggs
4th Step Eat more fresh and raw vegetables like gajar, muli and loki
Also eat more Zinc fruits like blackberries, raspberries, anar, amrud and peach
5th Step Do morning and evening 1 and 1/2 hrs walking or 25 minutes jogging or running daily

Also do pushups, light weight lifting and do nav asan and mandukasan

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