Treatment of Hernia in Child without Surgery

I do not recommend to treat hernia in child with surgery because

1. We have great substitute of naturopathy. Without medicine and without surgery, any child can be cured. So, we have to use this substitute.

2. I am teacher and I have more than 15 years experience of teaching. Still, I did mistake of writing without. I had written with instead without and also wrote wrong spelling of buffalo. If I can do mistake, any surgery who has also experience 15+ can do mistake, I can correct the mistake without price. But as parent, you may have to give price of it. So, naturopathy is better and without any side-effect.

You have to follow principles of naturopathy.

1. Stop to give milk of packet, milk got from injection and delay milk and also milk powder.
2. Use mud water
3. Stop to eat non-veg, eggs and fast food.
4. One kms. walk in a day.
5. Do small intestine exercises.

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