Treatment of Hydrocele without Surgery

Hydrocele is disease in which there is dust fluids near testicles in your scrotum pouch. There may be the swelling in the scrotum. If you do not treat the hydrocele on the time, it may be converted into sexual transmitted infection. In last stage of hernia, you may face inguinal hernia into scrotum  problem or tumor or scrotum cancer.

God has made a wonderful system in human body. A male person what he will eat, it will convert in semen after 40 days. So, for keeping it same, God has made the scrotum. In scrotum, there are two testicles where is semen and sperm for reproduction. But due to our bad habits, there may be dust in scrotum. This dust is in liquid form. It may be fluid dust or blood blockage. So, here will be swelling and pain.

Due to our bad eating habit and sexual habit, this problem comes in our front. We eat bad. We do more sexual activities whose bad impacts on our health. If you waste your semen through masturbation or nightfall. Due to this, this problem may arise.

 But due to this problem, there may be pain in testicles and difficult to live a happy life.

If you want to treat Hydrocele with naturopathy and without surgery (hydrocelectomy), please follow following steps.

1. Clean your intestine by Fast 

It is very necessary because if there is no dust, nature can close the internal muscles of stomach.  Never keep constipation.

Water fast : 4 days in one month
Fruit Fast : 8 days in one month

2. Walk 20 Kms in a Day 

Walk 20 kms daily and hot + salt water bath ( heat of water must be upto the level of tolerance of patient)

3. Stop to Eat Unnatural Food 

Stop to eat non-veg. eggs, oily and fast and meda food and sweet and salt and stop to drink cold water and tea.

4. Eat Natural Food 

 Eat more and more fruits, daliya and other green vegetables.

5. Water Therapy 

 Drink more water

6. Exercise is Must 

 Do stomach muscles exercises

7. Brahmcharya is Necessary 

Follow brahmcharya ( Control Sexual desire )

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Update : July 2018


  1. Can u drain my hydrocele at home by myself

  2. I've had mine for 3 it 4 years now and there r times I can't even walk because my testicals hurt I guess from the hydrocele


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