Are you interested to treat or you are treating in Swami Dayanand Naturopathy Hospital or you have completed this treatment. Following frequently asked questions will be helpful for you.

Question : 1.  I am treating with other Doctor, Can I use your treatment also with this treatment?

Answer. : This is FAQ which are often asked by new patients. As per my thinking,

1. You should not follow two or more doctors together. Following are main reason of it

A) You will be confused which is best or which is not best.
B) Your trust level will decrease if two treatment react your body adversely.
C) It is chance you more treat than your capacity.

If you are treating from other, you can take first any of following decision.

First Decision : Complete Other Doctor's Treatment. We respect all doctor. Every doctor has the profession and will guide you best.


Second Decision : If you treated other Doctor's Treatment for a month or two month and there is zero positive outcome. Stop and try our treatment.

In end of the answer of this question. Your focus on one treatment and trust on doctor is needed. If your focus will disturbed by using two or more treatment together or if you do not have trust on any one doctor, treatment will not give any positive result.

Question 2. I used your Treatment for 2 month but there is no benefit for my Disease? Why?

Answer. Now, first answer of my following questions.

Q:1 Did you use the treatment of Two or more Doctors together?

If yes, it means, you did not have definite goal to treat. You have the mind of doubt and not trust on a Doctor. A Doctor is life saver not life killer. Stop to follow two or more doctors together. Follow one doctor and compare your result of success.

Q : 2.  Did you have the positive attitude during my treatment?

If you told me that there is no effect of attitude on the treatment. It means, you are not giving the value to mind's attitude for success of my personal naturopathy treatment. Let me explain it with simple example

There are three person who are making three parts of  the temple of God

One's Attitude : I am making the building for earning the money.

Second' Attitude : I am making the building for time pass.

Thrid's Attitude : I am making my God's home and I will try to best to increase its quality

Now, the best quality of three part. You know which is best. Yes, third part because third person has full mind set to achieve the goal because he love his God. Success in any area is nothing but attitude of mind. If your mind will love anything, you can achieve anything.

Q: 3. Did you get 100% marks on All rules of my personal naturopathy treatment?

No, I did not because I have lots excuses. Sorry for this.

Dear, my naturopathy treatment is rule basis and it is not pain killer medicine. In last 200 years, medicine has succeeded to give the relief of pain not cure the disease. As naturopathy doctor, I expect 100% marks on all rules for 2 months non stop only. Still, you are not delay because there is not side effect. You can again try it.

Question : 3. Why do You not Support Online me after your Treatment?

Answer : Because In your personal naturopathy treatment, I am your naturopathy teacher. So, you need to do my home work of my taught lesson.

For example : One is my strict rule : To get up 3 AM Every day.

Now, I told you to whatsapp me first 10 days non stop if you want my future free support after treatment. I can track the time of your get up. If you are not following this rule and did not verify. I will declare you that you are just wasting your money and not following naturopathy. When you will fulfill this condition, you have the right to get my free support online future.

To get up at 3 AM Daily is necessary for all if they want to be healthy in life. Morning person is the healthy person in this world.

My time is not my personal time, I am supporting other patients who are doing their home work honestly. 
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