Treatment of Hernia without Surgery - By Dr. Vinod Kumar [ Dubbed in English ]


This video has Dubbed in English ( Summery based) of original hindi video "Treatment of Hernia without Surgery - By Dr. Vinod Kumar | Hindi" if you are Indian and watch to see it in Hindi language, watch at If you want to treat Hernia with naturopathy or if you want naturopathy treatment of hernia or if you want natural cure of hernia, please 1. Clean your intestine It is very necessary because if there is no dust, nature can close the internal muscles of stomach. Never keep constipation. 2. Walk 20 kms daily 3. Stop to eat non-veg. eggs, oily and fast food and sweet 4. Eat more and more fruits, daliya and other green vegetables. 5. Drink more water 6. Do stomach muscles exercises Please Read its English Text at Book your appointment for naturopathy treatment of hernia at Our WhatsApp No. +91-9356234925 Get treatment of hernia without surgery ebook at Google play store Contact us at our email : Original Video Creator in Hindi : Dr. Vinod Kumar Translator Volunteer : Georage If you want to become volunteer of Swami Dayanand Naturopathy Hospital, please whatsapp +91-9356234925
We have got also support from many team members for making this video, we are giving credit here 1. Wikipedia ( ) Team for making Images in this video 2. Pexels Team members for making images in this video. 3. My own team members who made my video clips in past 4. Canva for making thumbnail 5. YouTube Team for giving video hosting. 6. Giphy Team for making GIF animated images 7. Inshort video editing team who edit this video. 8. Google search, google drive team and whatsapp Team has given help for fast work on same project. I am thankful to all. If you want to give support us at Download Our eBooks Connect with Us for New Updates Email : Facebook : Twitter : Instagram : Quora : Linkedin :

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