100 Benefits of Brahmacharya - Part 8


Welcome part 8 of "100 benefits of Brahmacharya". Read first  part 1part 2part 3part 4part 5 , part 6 and  part 7 .

36th Benefit of Brahmacharya:  shield  Against Internal Asur Lust, Anger and Greed

Did you see in the museum that there lots of shield? These shields were used to protect from attacks of enemies. In this shield, there are lots of strong iron clothes for soldiers and also shield in hand for protecting sword attacks. 

Biggest Enemies and demons live in the mind and attack anytime on the mind and make it weak. 

Its name are Lust, Anger and Greed. 

Only following of strict brahmacharya, you can save from its attack. 

Gita Says 

त्रिविधं नरकसयेदँ  द्वारं नाशनमात्मनः।
कामः क्रोधस्तथा लोभस्तस्मादेतत्रयं त्यजेत।

There are three doors which carry you to hell. Whose name are Lust, Anger and Greed. IF you are good person, you have to leave it. 

With the brahmacharya, you have won your sexual desire. With this, you will think first before taking any action and if Demon of Lust attacks on 1 Million times, it will fail on you. He wanted to show lust through as but you have deleted all the apps which spreading lust. It will attack on you to show lustful lady offline. But after seeing, brahmachari close his eyes and spoke in the mind. She is my mother. I  am seeing goddess mother in her and attack of lust fail on it. All the attacks will fail on the brahmachari. Last attack may be through wife. At this time, brahmachari got vairagya like Budha and got self-realisation. 

Because brahmachari always read the spiritual and holy books and got the knowledge and he got great treasures to win the anger. He knows,

Anger can win with peace and peace will come overcome own desire and educating to mind. Dear mind, you have to speak with all with love, with respect, with humbleness. 

If he does not desire to anger with other. No one make him angry.


Greed demon also can not attack on Sidh Brahmachari because brahmacharya taught him never greed of lust. God is saving your money in the form of Vital energy. So, he never run outside money. He enjoys on small foods and remembers god and feels satisfied. 

Brahmachari Remembers

Anger will be on past happened things and eat my worthy current time.

Greed will affect my Future good plans and eat my worthy time through future anxiety.

Lust will be on the current time and Waste my whole current time.

So, I have to focus on the brahmacharya and it is my shield from protecting lust, anger and greed. 

37th Benefit of Brahmacharya:  Help to Awaken Kundalini Power 

Brahmacharya helps to awaken the Kundalini. When Yogi, first follows the brahmacharya for 365 and never withdraw a single drop of semen from his body or rj from body. He or she becomes able to awake the kundalini power.

The process is very simple

Strict condition = 365 days total brahmacharya 

It is very difficult because water's natural behavior to go downfall and semen and raj is in fluid form and follow this water's natural behavior, now, if there is need to send water, we have to do hard work, either take the water in pot and carry it first floor. Yes, like this, we have to do hard work for bringing it to brain by solidity and  by avoiding all attacks of lust. 

Next Go to Pranavayam and Meditation of OM 

Now, your kundalini power will open. After this, 8 Chakras starts from below and go to brain

Muladhara Chakar opens near last point of your spinal backbone. 

In simple word, Vital energy uplift through awaken of kudilini power. With this, you can know the the God, Connect with God and feel soul power and use it. 

This kundalini power uplifts like snake. 

By walking it a snake, it has snake qualities like a snake has not cover on the eyes, the yogi who overcome the sex desire, never lazy. Snake has the pouch of poison and it gives to its enemy. Even it has the poison but it is its power. Snake safe from danger by the attack on the enemy and second it eats food by attack with poison on its victim. Like this, Sidh yogi got energy, its enemy Lust, anger and greed fears from it. and its power uplift and uplift upto brain without any fear from the enemy. Snake can leave many days without food because its temperature changes due to changes of the environment. So, need less food. When Yogi go to smathi, he or she need more food. Only small satvik food is enough.

38th Benefit of Brahmacharya:  Secret of Good Health and fitness

Brahmacharya is the secret of Good health and fitness because with brahmacharya, Viragya comes in mind. With full mind purity. Body starts to pure automatically. Because Mind is real person and its shadow is our body. If mind is pure, body is pure and toxin free. If mind is impure, no one can save the semen and without semen, body start to weak and diseases make home in the same weak body. 

Brahmacharya behavior is like holy cow. A holy cow eats green grass but gives Amrit Milk. Same if the brahmachari eats small and simple food and protect his virya, it convert into Amrit and when whole body consume same amrit whole body starts to become source of amrit and it becomes totally healthy and fit. 

So, start to pure the mind by Good books,  by Satsang by pure imaginations that others women are my mother, sister and daughters.

39th Benefit of Brahmacharya:  Peace of Mind 

Due to following the brahmacharya, mind feels full satisfaction from the life. 

1. It never feels boredom

2. No anxiety comes in the mind

3. When person pures in thoughts, actions and words, results comes pure and mind satisfy from the pure results and feel relax and get good night sleep.

4. One of big reason of not peace in mind is an attachment with material things. Mind always restless running behind the material things and take stress to safe them. Root of this is sex desire. There are millions of beauty products are its proof. After adding beauty products on face, they want to become young and attractive but without brahmacharya, no result will come because when waste of same energy, mind will upset  because of lack  of treasures in the body. He or she did not sleep proper in the night and there will not peace in the mind and body will start weak and weak body will unable to fight with diseases. But good fact that this does not happen who follow the brahmacharya.

5. When a person move to find the God, every place where he tired and take rest, Get Great Skun.

6. When we find the god and meet him, this will be great happiness. This will be permanent happiness. After getting permanent happiness. Minds feels real peace. Other happiness which comes from lust are just few seconds and we slave and we running and running means wasting more and more energy and getting few second pleasure. Mind in end feels totally unsatisfied with this loss of his or her energy and suicidal thoughts comes in his or her mind but when the human being small walk toward to God, big happiness comes and it is the secret of Indian Saints and Mahpurash's peace on face. 

7. For brahmachari, it is easy to withdraw his senses and focus on God. Less consumption of sense energy, increases its energy and growth his or her spiritual life.


40th Benefit of Brahmacharya: Increase Concentration Power

Brahmacharya helps also for increasing your concentration power. For concentration on anything in life, you need to remove all the distractions. Mind is the biggest distraction. Sex Urge in the mind is biggest distraction. Even you became old, but your desire to sex never stop because it is addiction and distrub your whole life and never achieve big in the life. Life can achieve big, if you will start to focus on the big things in the life. If you have won first it, you can concentrate anyone thing for many hrs because mind is not disturbing you but it is helping you by giving his energy for the area where you are concentrating. 

तप: सु सर्वश्यू एकाग्रता परमं तप: 

Concentration is the biggest Solidity out of all solidity. 

So, you have to first concentrate on the following brahmacharya because when with full concentration, you will become solid, you get power to concentrate in anything because person with full of lust, person with full of anger never concentrate on anything. 

Peace of mind needs for concentration which comes from brahmacharya which we already told in above benefit. 

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