100 Benefits of Brahmacharya - Part 4


Welcome 100 Benefits of Brahmacharya - Part 4. If you did not read part 1, part 2 and part 3, read now. We have covered upto now 15 benefits of brahmacharya. Today, we will start from 16th benefits 

16th Benefit of Brahmacharya: Power to Never Distract in Mind 

It is the great benefit of brahmacharya that the follower of brahmacharya never distracts from anyone. His goal is very clear. He or she has to kill all enemy which is responsible for brahmacharya nash. First of all, they disconnect all the apps which are spreading lust on the mobile. They also disconnect all the social networks from mobile. They cut facebook, they cut all of the social networks because, they now, a small snake attack will have the power to give poison. They are very careful. Even, they block the  WhatsApp people who is spreading lustful status photos. They never play games. They never sing lustful songs, movies. Even, they never see any romantic tv serial. They disconnect the friendship with all such people which have bad company. All these things are very easy who follow the brahmacharya. 

Even, when they go to offline and if they see any women, they speak in the mind. She is my mother and I am her son many times. Because no one can distract him and take his virya property from him.

They always remember

त्रिविधं नरकस्येदं द्वारं नाशनमात्मनः। कामः क्रोधस्तथा लोभस्तस्मादेतत्त्रयं त्यजेत्।।16.21।। 

As per Gita, there are three doors of hell.  Lust, anger and greed are the doors of three hells. lustful people feel the hell in the life. Without Virya, they become a living dead bodies.  Just taking the birth of a human does not mean you are human.

For becoming human, you need knowledge, humbleness, tolerance power, peace, good qualities. All these things will come with brahmacharya. 

Brahmachari never captures in false pleasure. They are not greedy dog. They think lustful thoughts as the bed of snake. 

They always thinks that there is no peace if itchy the rash place or ringworm or fungus infection. 

They always sing this song

They always think positive

Protection is living far from snake. Like this, protection is far from sexual thoughts not attach with sex thoughts.

17th Benefit of Brahmacharya: Increase the Power of Digestion 

There is big connection of digestion system with reproduction system of body. If you saved your Virya and never waste it. Same energy go to your digestion system. In the digestion system, there is gland whose name is Pancreas. In hindi, it is called jatharagni. With this energy, this fire will increase. With this, your power of digestion will increase. What you eat, you digest fast and if you digest fast, your Virya will increase. If Virya is increased, your health will increase. This is natural positive circle.

If you start to do unethical misuse of your body's reproduction system and waste the Virya. Your digestion will be affected with it badly. Its pancreas will not fire the your given food in the stomach and without digestion. It is undigested dust and toxin and it will not withdraw because you do not have energy to withdraw it. So, this is vicious circle. You have wasted your Virya. Your jathar agni slow and now your digestion has slowed and now, your virya will make fastly and diseases will come fastly due to this.  You see some people does not drink a small glass of milk because low digestion and reason is they broke their brahmacharya. 

So, come and follow brahmacharya if you want to increase the power of your digestion.

18th Benefit of Brahmacharya: Help for Winning the Mind 

It is very great quote. Win the mind, win the world. To win the mind for akhanda brahmachari is not so difficult task. Because he does not spend time in the lustful thinking and lustful action. So, he saved big time. Same time, he invests to study the good books. Same books, he got the knowledge in his mind. His mind becomes powerful. Mind's same energy helps him to visualise and imagination of his dreams. He takes quick action because he is full of energy and quick actions makes him winner in the world. 

So, come and follow brahmacharya.

19th Benefit of Brahmacharya: Power to Great Logic

Brahmacharya gives you medha budhi. Same medha budhi only very few wise people who is 2+ brahmachari. Intelligent person where fails, brain of brahmachari starts from that failure point and solve the problem. Million Google do not win from his fight of great logic. Intelligent person can not tell what is other person is thinking but Medha budhi person can tell the truth what other is thinking by just seeing his or her face because what is in his mind, it is in whole world. Like pure mind sees purity in the whole world and same hateful person sees the hate in whole world. So, if you want to give the answer 

Why this happened


Cause and effect

or want to become scientist

Be brahmachari.

We have great History of Indian Rishi muni. All are scientist. They can know the future and history of a person because they got small Quality of Brahm or God.

When Vishvamitra win the lust in the mind, he became maharshi Who made the Swarag on the earth and became the Guru of Satyavadi harishchandra and took his test of truthfulness.

20th Benefit of Brahmacharya: Achieve Financial Freedom Fastly

There is nothing impossible for achieving the life for the person who follow strict rules of brahmacharya. For getting financial freedom fastly, there is need to study more and more in a day more than 4 hrs. With this, you can learn get the strength of accounting, finance, economics and business and financial management. All needs your energy of focus. If you are addicted of lust or sex. It is impossible to achieve the financial freedom. 

It is simple quote

Laxmi will not come where there is no purity in the mind. Laxmi and Saraswati both are sister. Saraswati demands the Tap of practice for gaining knowledge. When you will get Siddhi of Financial matters, laxmi will come

At that time, your business will start to reach high level. It will only possible when you will do hard work in positive direction. So, be brahmacharya and stop your mind to go impurity side where you will become beggar after laxmi leaves you.

Why forgot, laxmi and saraswati both are your mother. Same energy is in every women. 

If you have attracted face beauty. Why forgot, both laxmi and saraswati is sitting there that is reason, she has the beauty. But by your lustful thoughts for her. If your inside laxmi and saraswati sees. Both will start to punish you. 

You forgot your Vidya

By forgetting Vidya, you will not use the same Knowledge and if you did not use your knowledge, your value is just labor chock labor who got Rs. 500 only after 10 days and did not give the food to his family but drink alcohol with same Rs. 500.

IF you want to become Sidhi on Your Vidya, be humble and start to see the whole world of women as mother. 

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