100 Benefits of Brahmacharya - Part 2


Welcome part 2, if you did not read the part 1 of "100 benefits of Brahmacharya, you have to read first because every benefit is valuable for strength of your commitment for becoming Akhanda brahmachari. In first part, we have 5 reasons to be brahmacharya. Now, start today from 6th benefit

6th Benefit of Brahmacharya : Heal All reproduction Diseases Naturally 

When you have misused the reproduction organ by doing masturbation or watching porn and making your mind full of dustful and brain releases negative harmons to your reproduction system. With this, you will face the reproduction diseases.

Following diseases of male will come by breaking the brahmacharya

1. Varicocele

2. Hydrocele

3. Low sperm counts 

4. Prostatitis 

Following diseases of female will come by breaking the brahmacharya

1. Ovary Cyst

2. Fibroids

3. Over bleeding in Periods 

4. Endometriosis

Now what is solution. If breaking of brahmacharya, these diseases comes, now if you will again start to follow brahmacharya for 100 days first, you will remove all these reproduction diseases. If you have to strong your future, you have to keep brahmacharya for 1 year means 365 years. 

6th Benefit of Brahmacharya : One Medicine for All Diseases 

If have any disease of the world, its single medicine is to follow brahmacharya because if you don't waste your vital energy in the form of your viraj or raj, it will increase your immune system and heal all your diseases very fastly. I am not saying, same told great Ayurveda Acharya Dhanvantari ji. He was also maharishi who gave the teaching of making good character. Learn what he told

मृत्युव्याधिजरानाशी  पियूष परमौषधम 
ब्रह्मचर्य महदरतन सत्यमय वदाम्यहम 

It means, only brahmacharya is great medicine to kill all diseases, oldness and death. I am speaking truth. If you want peace, beauty, memory, knowledge, health and good kids, you must follow brahmacharya. 

7th Benefit of Brahmacharya : Ability to Born King of World

If you kept brahmacharya before marriage, you got the ability to born king of the world. No matter, it is your daughter or son. But he or she will have the leadership quality and will able to become king because you have saved the energy and same energy bring the dreamer of king. 

Even you did not marry, again, you can born the king without marriage. This birth will be done through your teaching. Chanakya was the brahmacharya and with his power of brahmacharya, he got big knowledge and got ability to teach better way to his student and born the king in his student's mind. DNA transfer from human being's mind to other's human beings mind where there is no need of any marriage. 

Swami Virjanand was blind but great brahmachari and with this energy, he taught Swami Dayanand and born the person who had power to speak without the fear of death. That is power of brahmacharya. 

Guru is also parent of student and like parent, they born great leaders. 

8th Benefit of Brahmacharya : Ability to Protect the nation

If you are brahmachari and you have protected your virya (Semen ) from wasting, you got the ability of protecting nation. India was 200 years slave of English because weakness of brahmacharya. Only freedom fighters from 1857 to 1947, who became brahmachari and protect the freedom of India. Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Rajguru, Jhansi ki rani, tatya tope, Ram prasad bismil, Chandrashekar ajad all were brahmachari and with brahmacharya, they got bravery and did not fear from death and gave their life for nation. Now, nation, needs more brave people.


 For king, indriye Vijay is must. If the king is cruel, nation's people will become cruel. If king is not following brahmacharya and its public will not follow the brahmacharya. Today, nation is slave of English medicine and Pharmaceutical companies making us slave in the name of allopathic medicine and vaccines and our king is promoting it instead promoting brahmacharya. At this slavery of nation, we have to commit to strict follow of brahmacharya and never use any allopathic medicine and vaccine. 

9th Benefit of Brahmacharya : Ability to Teach Complex Topic of Science

Science is base of success of any nation. If there is growth in science, there is growth in economy. But without teaching of complex topic of science, no one can grow in the science.  If you will follow the brahmacharya, you will become great science teacher. Whether, you are teaching medical science or political science, there are lots of complex topics which can teach only a teacher who is the follower of brahmacharya. Otherwise, he or she will forgot his knowledge because wasting of sex energy will weak the brain ability and unable to teach same concept. That is reason, our Veda speaking loud

आचार्य ब्रह्मचारी 

Dear teachers of nation, never be sex addicted and he or she must patience and focus on the teaching. Characterless teacher will slow the progress of science because they generate fuse bulb because they have no energy and they will not ability to transfer same energy. 

We speak teacher as Acharya in Indian Culture because he gives the education of brahmacharya. He or she teach us how to overcome sex attachment. Students follow teachers. If the teacher is married and sex attachment with his or her life partner, he will not give the teaching of brahmacharya to students. Instead, student will learn from his mind language and with this evil will grow in the society and people will become ignorant. From this, poverty starts and knowledge will die. 

10th Benefit of Brahmacharya : Ability to Enjoy Happy and Healthy Married life

Never think, you got permit to daily sex after marriage. It will make you both unhealthy and unhappy. 

Aim of marriage should be not fulfil sex selfishness desire. Its aim is to give the great citizen to the nation. Because nation is the source of All dharm and arath. Married people can produce quality citizen instead characterless population who kill the nation from inside. It is only possible with brahmacharya. 

With brahmacharya, husband and wife only once collaboration if both wants healthy and happy and long life. 

If unable to satisfy, once in a year but it decrease the age and health in old age.

If unable to satisfy and want daily sex and do, take their dead body clothes and buy some wood because soon, both will unhealthy due to huge wastage and immunity will decrease and death will come.

Indian culture is example of great married brahmacharya

1. Ram and Sita became brahmachari for 14 years forest travel

2. Shri Krishna and his wife was brahmachari for 12 years.

3. Shiv Shanker got the ability to fire sex divine due to huge brahmacharya, he is also married.

4. Shri Lakshman did not see his wife for 14 years forest travel. There was no mobile no whatsapp no video call at that time. 

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