Treatment of Varicocele without Surgery

Whether it is varicocele disease or hydrocele disease or sinusitis desease or any other disease, all are the mistake of your life style because you did not face any outside accident for happening all these diseases.

What is Varicocele Disease

You know that your all power is collected in your testicles by God' natural system. If its veins are defected due to dust and dusted blood did not return to heart, then, a disease will come into existence and its name is varicocele.

Symptoms of Varicocele Disease

1. You face swelling in testicles.
2. Your sperm count may be low.
3. You may be male inferiority. It means, you have spent your 2 to 5 year life in relationship and still, you did not have any kid. It means, all energy has wasted if you did not achieve the goal of baby and after test, it may be due to varicocele disease.

Before naturopathy treatment of varicocele without surgery, I am teaching you the basics of veins.

What are the Veins?

Our body is double highway. You have seen highway. One side trains are going and other side trains are coming. Our body also needs oxygen and nuitritions. One side of highway, our arteries taken the pure blood from heart and carried it in each part of body for giving us energy. Now, there are capalaries which transfer dust gases, dust matabolics and impure blood to veins and then veins carry this blood again to heart for its purification through adding oxygen in it.

In the disease of varicocele, pure blood has reached for food of testicles and now, this blood will not return from same veins and started pain. There are very small veins near the testicles. These veins are also muscle, it has to pump for returning blood to heart, it is not working. So, you feel weakness and we need to take help of naturopathy for curing this disease naturally. Through naturopathy, we remove the dust of these veins. Dust is in your constipation. Dust is in your indigestion of food. We will cure first the constipation. All dust from your intestine will clean and now, all dust of veins will go to intestine and then go to decending colon and remove from body throug stool or urine or sweat.

Now, after removing your constipation, your these veins will redesign with new pure blood and your varicocele problem will cure automatically. If your these veins are ok. Its volve will also work properly and throw your blood to heart and you feel healthy. Your sperm count will increase. Your vein pain and swelling of testicles will remove.

Following is the steps of naturopathy treatment of varicocele without any surgery, without any operation. Just 30 days follow following life style.

 1. Get up 3 : 00 AM everyday. 

This is good time to clean your intestine. Every patient who wants to cure his varicocele disease naturally must get up at 3 AM

2. Walk 0 to 20 kms daily. 

3. Clean intestine by fast 

4. stop to eat non-veg., meat, chicken, eggs, 

 5. stop to drink cold water and alcohol and cold drinks 

6. Stop to eat salt and sugar food. 

7. Eat fruits and vegetables everyday. 

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