Naturopathy Treatment of Sinusitis

Hallo friends, today, I will explain the simple steps to cure yourself from sinusitis through naturopathy. You can treat your neck or nose or brain infection completely through naturopathy.

Brief About Me 

First of all, I am telling you about myself. I am Dr. Vinod practicing naturopathy for the past 15 years. Let see how to do the treatment for sinusitis.

Symptoms of Sinusitis 

Prior of this, I am going to tell the symptoms of sinusitis. Patient who is suffering from sinusitis may have heavy pain in head, pain in both cheeks, there is pain in nose and also pain in eyes or there may be lots of problems, doctor can see after checking the patient. There are many reasons behind this happening. It happens due to virus attack, or bacteria attack or allergy from environment. One of biggest reason is your bad life style.

Now, learn the Simple Steps to treat sinusitis through naturopathy.

1st Step : Focus on the Solution instead on Problem

Psychologically, when we start to fight any problem, we need to focus of mind on the solution instead on the problem. From morning to evening, from 9 am to 6 pm, you have to think solutions, solutions, solutions which I will explain in following other steps of naturopathy treatment of sinusitis. From step 2 to step 6, there are 5 solutions, you have to focus to follow these solutions only. You just withdraw your time from suffering from sinusitis and invest same time in following these steps very honestly and dedicated. You have this sinusitis was from many days, months and years because you were the focus on this problem instead to follow the solution of it. It is psychological fact, if you will give your full focus on anything, it will grow, if you have the focus on the problem of sinusitis, it will increase the problem of sinusitis, if you will focus on its solution of sinusitis, you will get more solution and finally, you will achieve whole solution of sinusitis.

Now, you have to change your strategy and you have to concentrate on solution, focus on the solution which I am explaining. If you thinking about the infection repeatedly, infection will increase because your brain will habit to think about it. Brain will do what you will do repeatedly. So, infection gets power to grow in your brain also. More you think about infection, it will grow physically 100 times. So, stop to thinks about infection, just think about solution and goal to follow it. You can just goal of completing just 5 to 10 %, but your always focus on solution, solution and solution. By following these solutions, your sinusitis will remove from your body completely.

If there is bulgum in your nose and your nose is closed due to this, these solutions will remove all bulgum from your nose and chest and from head also.

2nd Step : Running from 0 to 5 Kms.

I have practice of running from my childhood and get its good result. If you did not run in your life, you can start from zero. You can make small goal. It may be 100 meters or 1 kms. But, you have to deep focus on it. As you long, you run, your sinusitis problem will cure naturally. All can run from child and women.  If you will run, body needs more oxygen. More oxygen in body will kill the virus, bacteria of sinusitis infection. Soon after killing infected cells, new healthy cells will develop and you will be cured.

3rd Step : Walking from 0 to 10 kms

Same benefits of walking. It will give also pure oxygen because lungs demand during walking and it will cure the sinusitis. So, walk daily upto 10 kms.

4th Step : Stop to Eat Non-Veg., Eggs and Meat

All the bad food will increase the infection of sinusitis. If you want to be healthy and remove your sinusitis problem, you need to stop it immediately. When any animal killed due to making its food, all harmful virus and bacteria enters in its body and same will go to our body. Yes, its quantity will increase because there are two things after become food

one is meat + died bodies of virus who killed with heat. Now, it will be digested by new birth of virus and bacteria, that is the reason, you will be sinusitis from many years.

5th Step : Stop to Eat Oily Food 

Don't eat oily food outside and inside of your home. It will encourage the sinusitis infection because it is trigger to spread this problem more chronic. So, stop it immediately.

6th Step : Stop to Drink Cold Water

Cold water need to heat of body to come it on normal temperature before digesting it. So, all the energy will consume. There is no energy to stop the sinusitis infection. So, stop the cold water and you will get energy to stop sinusitis infection.

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