Dr. Vinod Kumar

Dr. Vinod Kumar is an Indian Naturopathy Practitioner. He is founder of Swami Dayanand Naturopathy Hospital. He had started his naturopathy hospital in Aug. 2005 in his City. 4th Jan. 2014, he started to share his knowledge through Online Videos. 16th Nov. 2016, he started his separated YouTube Channel " Swami Dayanand Naturopathy Hospital " on YouTube. He made 55 Videos for treatment of different diseases through naturopathy. On 25th Nov. 2017, he launched his hospital's new website " www.sdnhospital.com "

After inspiring from Swami Dayanand Saraswati's natural  life and health principles, he has given his hospital on his role model " Swami Dayanand Naturopathy Hospital "

As per Dr. Vinod Kumar, Food, Sleep and Brahmcharya are the three base of healthy life. Almost all the internal diseases are the life style diseases. Bad food, bad sleep and lack of brahmcharya in life make their unhealthy life style. By changing their life style, he tried to connect patients' relationship with nature. Nature cure all the diseases through self-healing. It will take the time but it will save from side-effects of medicines and surgery. It also cut all the roots of diseases.

His Experiments on Naturopathy 

1. He left Sugar food products from last 20 years. With this, he kept his body weight.
2. From Birth, he did not eat Non-veg., eggs and other meat products.
3. He left Tea from last 30 years and got its good result on his health.
4. From last 20 years, he has healthy life style.
5. He has also done experiments on long walking daily and tried to cured all chronic diseases through this.
6. He loves to eat organic and raw food and fruits.
7. He got lots of great ideas from great naturopathy books which he tried to share in seminars.

His Popular Free Naturopathy Videos 

1. Naturopathy Treatment of Kidney Failure
2. Naturopathy Treatment of Hernia
3. Naturopathy Treatment of HIV - Positive / AIDS
4. Naturopathy Treatment of Sinusitis
5. Naturopathy Treatment of knees Pain

If you want to treat your own disease through naturopathy, please contact him at his mobile no. 9356234925 (India ) or +91-9356234925  ( Outside India ) or WhatsApp on same number. You can also contact him with his facebook message or twitter or YouTube Comments.

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