100 Benefits of Brahmacharya - Part 7


Welcome 7th Part of 100 Benefits of Brahmacharya. Read first  part 1part 2part 3part 4part 5 , part 6 

31st Benefit of Brahmacharya: Increase the Power of Getting Knowledge 

Whether it is the time of childhood, young and old age, we need knowledge every time. But without understanding the same knowledge, we are unable to use it. The same knowledge is like Urdu words on the paper and you could not understand it. 

For getting any knowledge, you need three main things. One is your curiosity on this. The second is your focus and the third is doing its practice. 

With following the brahmacharya, you got all three things. Upto 25 years, if you strict follow the brahmacharya, you can understand everything whether it is maths, science, accounts, economics, politics or any language. You can master in it because you have understanding is learn any knowledge, it needs dedication and devotion. With this, your curiosity will awake. Your focus to learn will increase, you do the practice day and night. 

Our Rishi muni also student time as Brahmacharya time. When you have to become student, you have to bring the brahmacharya first in your mind. 

When student win the brahmacharya, he can easily master of each type of knowledge of this world. Nothing will be difficult for student 

"स्मरणं कीर्तनं केलि प्रेक्षणं गुह्मभाषणम्‌ ।
संकल्योअ्‌ध्यवसायश्च प्रवदन्ति मनीषिण : ॥
एतन्मैथुनमष्टांग प्रवदन्ति मनीषिण: ।
विपरीत ब्रह्मचर्य एतत्‌ एवाष्ट लक्षणम्‌ ॥"

1. Students who follow the brahmacharya never remember the woman ( vise varsa for female student)

2. Students who follow the brahmacharya never never explain attraction merits of woman

3. Students who follow the brahmacharya never never never play  with girls

4. Students who follow the brahmacharya never never never never see the girls lustful 

5. Students who follow the brahmacharya never never never never never talk with girl in lonely place. 

6. Students who follow the brahmacharya never never never never never never determine to meet the woman.

7. Students who follow the brahmacharya never never never never never never try to get the girl for fulfill sex desire. 

8. Students who follow the brahmacharya never never never never never never sex with woman 

Now, total saved energy of Student by not doing above act. 

No remember of girl means more remember the concept what he is learning

No speaking about girl means more speaking what he is learned 

No play with girl means more play with learning concepts

No see the girl lustful means more seeing and visualise his understanding of same concept and  seeing the progress of his learning success. 

No talk to girl in lonely place means, talk himself about his learned concept in lonely place. 

No sex desire means, only desire to learn more and more and become the treasures of knowledge in his mind. 

No sex means to save his Virya energy for becoming the master of all the knowledge. 

 32nd Benefit of Brahmacharya : Getting Power to Take Biggest Challenges in the life

One of great benefit of brahmacharya, you can take the biggest challenge in the life because you have the vision. You have the knowledge that every big challenge can divide in small challenge and step by step achieve it. During taking small steps, he will not fear. His stamina helps to achieve all small challenges and make the able to take big challenge.

1. Brahmachari Check own Mind Weakness

Everyday before sleeping, brahmacharya checks himself or herself whether he or she break the rule of brahmacharya. If yes, again starts to zero because he or she know that all who achieved big challenge have same mind weakness and they started from zero and reached top. 

2. Brahmachari Never thinks narrow. Sex desire makes person selfish. Freedom from sex desire makes person to think selfless and he or she big support for achieving his big challenge. Shri Ram chander has to cross the Sea. He is brahmachari. His big challenge was to free his wife from the jail of Rawana. With his purity in his mind whole Vanar Sena helped him to make the bridge for crossing long ocean. 

 33rd Benefit of Brahmacharya : Getting Power to See the God in Everything

A sensual person sees obscene things everywhere, when he becomes celibate, his appearance changes and he starts seeing God everywhere because he gives up the desire of sex. He starts to see the God both in the desire and in the sex. Now, for him, become everything pure. He sees the maker of desire in the mind is God and He starts to focus to see same God. When he finds everything the envolvement of same God. He starts to spend his time to seeing in everything. From that point, his life gets real happiness.

Suppose, you have sex desire, your sex desire did not satisfied after doing everything which you can do. What will you will feel the sorrow and distress and what you got you felt nothing. Now, what is solution. You say with your heart believe. I am starting to follow brahmacharya and I am giving up all desires of sex. The magic will now come. the space will fill with the God exists in your mind. 

Suppose, I am writing the content and my desire that people will read. Now, if I start to give up my desire that people will read. First, I will save the sorrow when I see people did not read what the number I want, second now, I ready to ask one great Question from me

Why I am writing if I do not desire that people should read.

It means, I am writing to teach myself. It means, I will start to read after writing and see two things. 

One is see some mistakes. 

Second is inspired some great words. 

Now, I will focus who gave the energy to write all these great words. So, I will try to see that is a god behind this who helped because he is showing in my written content. My end of my writing journey with seeing the God in my writing because I did not anxious why others did not come to read. Because Inside my God has written the content and inside my god is reading and God is in same writing. Everything is full of God. Now, I feel full satisfaction because people who I want that read this is also created by same God because they can become without creation of God and god is living them and same god, I got with my single reading. That is real satisfaction which can not be attained with desire because desire connects with other desire and connects with other desires and this is god's may and I want to see mayapati, so, I have to leave the desire. 

So, start brahmacharya, if you leave your sex desires, your other desires will remove slowly and your desire to see god will increase and you will get success to see god in yourself and in others. 

 34th Benefit of Brahmacharya: Seman is Biggest Diamond of the World 

Yes, semen is the biggest Diamond of the World. Diamond's great quality is its beauty. Diamond's great quality is its rarity. Diamond's great quality is its biggest value. Today Kohinoor Diamond value is $12 Billion. When it was in the crown of Aurangzeb, he told in baburnama that with value of this diamond, whole world eat food for two days.

Kohinoor Diamond went from India to UK because everyone wants this diamond and history is the proof lots of fight for getting this diamond. 

Once it was in the crown of Maharaja Ranjit Singh because Hari Singh Nalwa is his Commander-in-chief.  He was brahmacharya and Indrivijay. So, he got enough power in his hand that he had ready to fight with tiger for the protection of his kind Maharaja Ranjit Singh. He Hari Singh grabbed the jaws of the tiger with both his hands and ripped its mouth from the middle.Who can forgot this great fight. Due to this, great Brahmachari, Maharaja Ranjit Singh got Kohinoor Diamond. If you will protect your inside diamond, you have right to get outside diamond. 

After every 40 days, a small part of Virya became which brings the beauty in the face, mind and soul. It is rare. Once wasted Virya does not become. Wasting of Virya is wasting of Lifeforce. 

If you have saved 10 years Virya with Ankhand Brahmacharya, it means have saved the value equal to the diamond which will uplift and become the part of your body, mind and shine your life like a diamond. 

Mahatma Ghandhi told

Thousands of hardy laborers have to go and dig deep into the bowels of the earth in search for diamonds, and at length, they get perhaps merely a handful of them out of heaps and heaps of rock. How much greater, then, should be the labour involved in the discovery of the infinitely more precious diamond of a Brahmachari?

Simplified: When there is big hard work to getting a diamond. Sometimes did not also. Due to this, it is very costly and Goldsmith protects it very sincerely. 

You can can imagine. Virya is a diamond and for getting it, you have to do so much hard work. After getting Virya in your body, you have to protect it by more hard work by following the strict rules of Brahmacharya. 

 35th  Benefit of Brahmacharya: Get Super Power with MIND, PRAN AND VIRYA Together 

Mind, human prana and Virya are connected. If mind is weak, your pran shakti weak and Virya weak and start flow outside. If Virya weak, mind and prana weak. If you will strong anyone thing, other will start to strong. If your mind, prana and virya strong, you will get superpower and it can only be possible by the following brahmacharya.

Because with brahmacharya, you control your carnal thinking

With brahmacharya, you break the meshes of sensuality

With brahmacharya, you will never lose your sense of right and wrong

With brahmacharya, you do not capture in the trap of a momentary pleasure

With brahmacharya, every morning, we feel more hope, more power of mind, our pran shakti and our saved Virya. 

With brahmacharya, you can overcome your sexual enjoyment merely to satisfy their carnal passion.

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