Vayu Gola in Stomach Treatment

Friends, today we will tell you how you can make a natural remedy for the air ball or vayu gola of your stomach. Which is also called gulm or gas ball. Look Friends, I have made a video on such topics before, if not see then take a look now at here.

What is air Vayu Gola?

Do you know Which method of living life is very good and which is so bad. Those who has a very good life style sometimes also make their life style so bad  due to a mistake.  gas ball is formed in stomach due to this bad life style. This means due to bad-eating, bad-behaviour and wrong thinking, there is such a poison in your body  that due to which your gas does not go out and a balloon type becomes over your navel. In which you may or may not be suffering. You will remain constipation. You may have this problem in the future. If you get the symptom first, then it can be done to stop it. If you go to the toilet and if your stool is gum type, it will mean starting any other branch of gas in your stomach. Look at any animal, their stool does not remove like gum on the anus.

A natural solution to the problem of air ball in stomach

1. Stop the Reasons of Vayu Gola and Vayu Gola will Stop Automatically 

a) Stop to eat in the party

Now is Oct. month, upto march, there will be lots of parties due to marriage and birthdays. It is necessary to eat in these parties and main food will be of meda which did not come out in the form of dust from body and you will face the problem of gas gola. So, stop to eat in parties and save your life and cure your disease.

b) Not to Eat Fresh Food 

Today the fridge is in everyone's house, and all are using it for keeping food. So, no one is eating fresh food. So, gas gola is making at great quantity. So, stop to use fridge and eat fresh food only and your disease will cure.

c) Prevent natural velocity of stool urine

Any person who stops the natural velocity of the male or female feces can take the disease of the air sphere in stomach. Because it does not come back after trying it, it has an unintended effect on the kidneys and stomach. Therefore, never stop the natural velocity of stool urine.

d) Waking up late at night

The person who wakes up late for the night gets natural constipation, due to which the air balloon is formed. If necessary, it should be done in the morning. Every person needs to sleep for eight hours but what time is fixed? It is very important for your health. Even after forgetting, the night did not wake up. Once your fire burns ( Pancreas ) down, your gas shell will grow.

e ) Do not eat unnatural food

You do not have to eat fish , non veg and egg. This will increase the gas ball. Even if you are a briyani addicted, you should not eat it. Patience and sacrifice is must for curing this disease. Once the gas gola is created and it does not go out, then it will always be made. You did not drink tea

2. Before going to toilet, water and light stomach exercise is must.

If you drink water before going to toilet in the morning and exercise your stomach then it will heal the stomach and you will never get constipation. And no gas balloon will ever be made.

3. Use natural medicine

It is such a natural medicine that if the gas does not allow the ball to be formed then it will end. I have used these too. It contains Oregano and black salt, ginger and amla

4. Always keep positive emotions

You should control your emotions. If the control is not there, the negative emotions will be dominated by you, with which the air ball  is formed. You never have to take anger, ego and jealousy in the mind and always have the feeling of love and trust and hope.

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  1. Sir muje same problem he kafi time se aur mene bahut jagha treatment karwa lekin thik nahi huwa Sir mere navi k upar gola he jiski karan mera pet hilta he jor jorse aur toilet vi chipkne wali hoti he thoda thoda hota he Jesse me bahut paresan hu plz kux medicine bataye

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