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365 Days Challenge of Brahmacharya - Day 1


If you have read my book "100 Benefits of Brahmacharya" once then read the whole book at least 2 times. If you haven't downloaded yet, download it first. It would be better if you remember these 100 benefits.

Because "100 benefits of Brahmacharya" is the reason due to which any person becomes a target of practicing brahmacharya. Just as work cannot be done without reason, similarly without knowing "100 benefits of brahmacharya", you cannot be ready for "the 365 days challenge of brahmacharya".

"The 365 Day Challenge of Brahmacharya" will teach you every day how to practice brahmacharya. In 365 days, in your 365 ways, the path will be blocked by your mind or by someone's mind. But we will teach you, how to overcome this and how you have to achieve all kinds of dreams by staying celibate for 365 days, which takes strength, strength, courage and intelligence. To achieve anything in life, one has to accept every challenge received and fight it as much as possible.

Today is the first day of the 365-days challenge of brahmacharya. First of all, understand who is giving this challenge to you.

This is your mind

One whose mind has become addicted to the juice of enjoyment again and again and is making you negative again and again.

1. No you can't observe 365 days of brahmacharya

2. You will not be celibate for 365 days

3. You Can't Stop Watching 365 Dirty Videos

4. you can't stop masturbating for 365 days

5. You can't live without a partner for 365 days

 6. How can you live 365 days without above things

7. You have become accustomed to obscenity

 8. You have tried 1000 times before this and 1000 times you have drowned in this dirty drain, now you are addicted to it. Who is the one to save you, after all you are trying 1001 unsuccessfully. nothing will happen.

9. Your defeat is certain. Because you are a slave to the enjoyment and you cannot be freed from Brahma Yoga in the form of brahmacharya.

It's your own mind that is weakening you

as stated

The intellect of your Brain will be dead and give wrong judgment in the time of destruction

When the destruction of man comes, when the mind itself makes you negative, then your intellect will not support you in this destruction.

And by giving intellect, will you not allow brahmacharya even for a day for 365 days?

The intellect of  your Brain will give the opposite advice to you

1. Engage in lust will reduce stress

2. brain will work fine

3. sleep well at night

4. The only purpose of life is eat, drink and enjoy

5. If any weakness or disease will come due to the enjoyment, then you will be cured by taking a pill and getting an operation.

6. The whole world is enjoying, it is like food, leave the 365 days challenge

Due to the above logic, the condition of man becomes like a jackal.

Having said

When the jackal's death comes, he runs towards the city where are more haters of the jackal to kill him

so my dear student

If you want to meet the challenge of brahmacharya for 365 days, then don't listen to your mind.

nor your intellect. Because at this time both have become ignorant.

This time transform yourself into a 5-year-old child by imagination

When a child goes to his guru for the first time to get true knowledge, the guru tells him

My student, I have taken you in the womb of my knowledge, now you have to remain brahmachari as long as you have to stay in my Gurukul. so come get my knowledge

Today is the first day of your brahmacharya challenge

It is said that if you put a drop of drop in the pitcher, then the pitcher also gets filled. Today's day or 365 days will be no different. There will be no 25 hours or 50 hours in any day. Just like today By living this day to the fullest, 365 days have to be lived today by becoming an unbroken brahmachari.

1. First of all, today is my first day

2. Today I will be brahmacharya for the whole day

3. Today I am starting my new life.

4. If I am a brahmachari today, it will be easier for me to remain celibate the next day.

5. Today I will control my mind completely

6. Today I will learn good things and think

7. Today I will focus on doing good things

8. Today I'll See Good Things

9. Today I'll Hear Good Things

10. Today I will write good things

11. Today I will say good things

12. Today I will remember the divine who awakened my soul

13. Today I will do good deeds like watering plants, giving food to animals and whatever knowledge and whatever I have will be shared with those who do not have

14. Today I will say good things

15. Today I will remember this thing that by brahmacharya, I will get the benefit of the wealth of semen.

ब्रह्मचर्य प्रतिष्ठाम वीर्य लाभ:

16. Today I will remember this thing that if I roll the wealth of semen into the soil, then I will lose my intellect, physical strength and mental strength. Just as without money, we become incapable of buying anything, similarly without semen the body becomes dead without life.

17. Being celibate today only, being celibate tomorrow and brahmacharya every day to come, will become the best habit of my life. Every good habit is the key to success

18. Today I will remember that brahmacharya was discovered by the ancient sages of India through penance of millions of years. Like millions of experiments are used in a search. Similarly, our great ancient sages have tried and seen all those experiments. And they came to know that only brahmacharya can give the greatest happiness in the world, this happiness cannot be obtained by any invention of the world.

Whether you enjoy the pleasures of air conditioning, whether it is an airplane, car or mobile, every invention has the disadvantages, but only the benefits of brahmacharya. There is no loss in it. 

And by brahmacharya one can even conquer death, he can also control death. Today scientists have stepped on the moon but are still afraid of death. But the follower of brahmacharya is not afraid of death.

ब्रह्मचर्येण तपसा देवा मृत्युमपाघ्नत। (अथर्ववेद) 

Hanuman ji's guru ji taught brahmacharya to Hanuman ji and with the help of this pranayama, Hanuman ji flew like a bird by lifting the Dronagiri mountain at a speed of 2500 km per hour and came to Sri Lanka from the Himalayas in just 2 hours. This is the discovery of our sages

Bhishma Pitamah's guru taught Bhishma Pitamah to follow brahmacharya because it brings so much strength in the body that a person can make arrows as a bed when an arrow is shot and Bhishma Pitamah also accepted this difficult challenge and Bhishma Pitamah 58 Stayed on the bed of arrows for days but did not give up his body because he wanted that he would give up his life on the day the sun would be Uttarayan. It took almost 2 months for the sun to reach Uttarayan. This is the discovery of our sages

Maharishi Dayanand ji stopped the two-horse cart with the power of his brahmacharya. When Vikram Singh wanted proof of brahmacharya, he stopped his two-horse cart by holding it with one hand, it did not budge. Now know how much power is in a horse

Science says that one horse has 765 watts of current and two horses have 1500 watts of current.

If we calculate rough, then one horse can easily pull 5 people.

And two horses to 10 people, then Swamiji stopped the 2 horse cart, so we calculated

Power of Swami Dayanand ji > Power of two horses > Strength of 10 men

Swamiji used to eat simple lentils and roti and at all times there was the strength of more than 10 people. This is the discovery of our sages

Professor Ram Murthy had lifted the elephant on his chest, an elephant weighs 4000 kg. This meant that Professor Ram Murti ji had the power to lift 4000 kg through brahmacharya. This is the discovery of our sages. He believed in the discoveries of our sages, respected them and practiced his power by following unalloyed brahmacharya.

So come and take a pledge to become an unbroken brahmacharya for 365 days while keeping your head in search of the great ancient sages of India and see in you the speed like Hanuman ji, the power to bear the pain like Bhishma-pitamah and the strength like Swami Dayanand will come.

19. Today I will remember that brahmacharya is like a saint of flowers, fruit juice and desi ghee. Because only 10 grams of scent are made from thousands of flowers and its value is known by the fragrance. The power of fruits is in the juice and not in the substance left after extracting the juice. The power of 5 kg of milk is found in 100 grams of desi ghee. Similarly, if a man saves 365 semen and sparm from brahmacharya or a woman saves her rajas, then it will be the inner power by which life can be conquered by facing any challenge.

20. Today I will remember my Guru's words forever that if I make brahmacharya the guide of my life, then it will save me from all the difficulties of life, like we reach our goal by boat. The water is as deep as it may be but we do not drown. If brahmacharya gives me the power to remember God at all times and who is also the guru of the gurus, only I have to remain at his feet always. Without him, a single leave can not vebrate 


: 7
  1. Today is My first day sir Dope book.

  2. My first day.

  3. आज मेरा पहला दिन जय श्री राम

  4. Challenge already started

  5. jay shri sitaram jay shri hanuman



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Swami Dayanand Naturopathy Hospital: 365 Days Challenge of Brahmacharya - Day 1
365 Days Challenge of Brahmacharya - Day 1
Swami Dayanand Naturopathy Hospital
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