100 Benefits of Brahmacharya - Part 1

 Brahmacharya is very necessary to protect the power which generate our body from 40 days food. Whether it is woman or man, no issue. Both eats the food and its reproduction system collects same power and its aim is to reproduction not pleasure of mind. If we use it as small 5 to 10 minutes pleasure of mind. It will be waste of power and its cost, you have to pay in the form of decrease your body's immune system. Now, question is how can I practice of brahmacharya and overcome my sexual desires. Its simple solution, you have to focus your BIG WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY behind this.

Why brahmacharya needs for your life. From this question, we have to learn its 100 benefits.

1st Benefit of Brahmcharya : We get Virya Labha from practice of brahmcharya

If you are male, you have the virya and if you are female, same virya name has changed. Its name is raj. If you male or female, if you will break your brahmacharya, you will never get the Virya labha or benefits of protecting the viraj. I am not saying this, it is written by Yog Rishi Pantanjli in yog sutra 2.3 

brahmacharya pratisthayam virya labha

Brahmcharya = Win of Sex Organs ( Indriye Vijay)

Pratisthayam = Strong Foundation

Virya = Sex energy / Vital Energy 

Labha = Benefit 

It is your duty to make the strong foundation because when you will be active to sex thoughts, same sex energy will consume. If you will control your sex thoughts, your sex energy will be in your body and same will be the part of your strength which can be used anywhere for your goal. 

Now, We are discusing this 99 next Sex energy benefits which will be the part of Benefits of Brahmacharya.

2nd Benefit of Brahmcharya : Get Ojas and Tajas

You have seen some people in this history that are full of attraction and influenced millions of people with their great action. How did they do. Answer is simple. 

First they have perserved the sex energy. Same energy has converted into ojas and same ojas converted into tajas. With this, they can do anything very easily with this energy. You can see oj on their face. A light when you will connect with them. 

Sexual activity consumes our energy because it is truth that for doing any physical activity needs mental and physical forces. If we protect it, same forces in our balance which we can use or transfer anywhere in our life and in other's life. 

What is influence to other. Other can change with your talk. This is great influence. If you say and other can accept like your talking power. How is it possible. Yes possible with the force which you have saved through your viraj protection and converted into your brain's ojas and tajas energy and when it will transfer to other. Other will understand and give positive response with your all actions.

Tell me a person the face without blood and full of yellow like jaundice patient and his or her voice without confidence will effect on you. It means confidence is power and same power is of his ojas and tajes which came from vital energy saving and following the brahmcharya. 

You can see same ojas and tajas on the face of Mahatma Budh who got all knowledge by practicising of brahmcharya.

3rd Benefit of Brahmcharya : Increasing the Memory Power 

We all know that human brain is super computer of God which has 1000 X power more than all the super computer on this earth. But still, we are unable to remember everything. We know memory power is great success not only for student but in every personality whether he is teacher, whether  he is doctor, whether is  engineer, there is big need to high level of memory power. With brahmcharya, we get vital energy benefit. If you are without sex thoughts for 100 days, you can see its small light. Because same vital or sex energy go to brain and once you read or see or listen, same energy can capture everything in the memory card and tell everything what did you read, what did you listen or what did you watch. When this will possible, no one can stop you top become next genious of this world. At this level, you will upgrade your brain from 10 % usage to 100% usage.

4th Benefit of Brahmcharya : Win the Death 

If you are the winner of your mind. If you are the winner of your sensories. If you have overcome your sex desire. It is sure, your physical, mental and spiritual power will increase. Same power will make you brave. You will surely win the death with same bravery. Win the death, here does not means that you will not die or you will not leave this physical body. It only means that you will overcome your all fear of death. You will not fear of speaking truth because you have power and you have energy. You have the purity in your mind. Who will kill you. Who can give you the fear that he will kill you if you will speak the truth. No one. Fear comes from weakness of mind and Weakness of mind comes from breaking of brahmacharya or not controlling your own sex desire. 

History is full of great personality who did not fear and spoke truth. In this we can include swami dayanand saraswati, ram parsad bismil, Bhisham Pitamah and atal brahmchari Hanuman ji. 

Veda Speaks with loud voice

ब्रह्मचर्येण तपसा देवा मृत्युमपाघ्नत। (अथर्ववेद 

With the help of austerity of Brahmcharya, great people won the death. 

Even if you will always go to fulfil your sex desires and got only small period sex pleasure and same brought different diseases and death can easily capture you because you are weak physically, mentally and who made you weak. Your diseases made you weak and how did these diseases came. They came from your uncontrolled running sensories like your eyes and like your ears and with this our mind gains small period pleasure and loss his or her health for long period. If you have to win the death, you have to win your diseases, you have to be healthy and it can be possible with your brahmacharya.

5th Benefit of Brahmcharya : Physical Power

With the help of practicising brahmcharya, you can increase your physical power. Because you save your viraj and it becomes the part of your physical power. Even you eat normal food but you have focused to control your all sex desires, you will strong day by day physically. Everyone who protected this wealth became rich physically. 

There are lots of great examples of people who got physical power with brahmcharya

Professor Ram Murti who got big power with brahmcharya. He can break iron chain. He can uplift the elephant on his body. 

Hunam ji has the power to lift whole rock when he did not understand  which medicine is useful.

Swami Dayanand has stopped the horse vehicle with the power of brahmcharya

Bhisham pitamah in the mahabarat fight, he seated on the arrows because of his physical strength of tolerating each arrows and it can only possible with brahmcharya.

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