Steps to Increase Height by Meditation

There are lots of children  whose age are 16 years, 20 years and some young whose age are 25 years, 30 years and 35 years. They have desire that they have small height and they want to increase their height.

Today, I will teach  simple steps to increase  height without use of any medicine and with only meditation.

If you want to increase your height without medicine, you need to follow lots of things. But it is sure whether  your age is 35  or 25  or 20 or 15 years, you can grow your height.

I remember, my height was very less when I was studying at the 10th class. By focus on this goal, I started to meditate myself with positive voice, change my diet and doing exercises, I had increased my height. If I can do, you can also do it.

If anyone whose height is between 4 feet to 5 feet, he can easily reach at 6 feet or more.

1. Start Meditation By Focus on Mind Power

Everyone wants to increase height but for this, you need to pay the price for this.

As your age will increase, your tension will increase.

You start your focus for solving your study tensions, family tensions ( If your parent are quarrelling each other and start to take its tension ), career tension, job tension, health tension. You have to leave your focus  from this side because with this your mind will active.

I) Negative Harmons

II) You should know that body have lots of glands like pituitary gland and many more which affects your growth. Because you have taken tension. So, your mind will enhance your feel bad harmons which will gives you all time negative feeling and it will make permanent negative emotions.

With this, your happiness level will decrease and height growing harmons will not create.

Due to this, your height growth will stop. There are lots of years and your height did not grow and your parent will start to negative to you.

Now, due to criticism, this will become your tension. You are taking tension of small height. Now, you do not do this.

Now, you need to take great positive action. Now, you have to focus your energy of mind through meditation for achieving your goal.

(A) First of all set with padamasan.

(B) Close your eyes and go to meditate

(C) Stop to take breath.

(D) Start to focus of your all energy of mind on imagination that your height is increasing.

Say in mind. My height is increasing. It will be in your thinking alsoand visualize it between closed eyes.

Forget what is the reality. Forget your height is small.

I am talking about visualization.

Say in mind. I am running and my height is increasing. Slowly, I have reached upto 6 feet height.

In this focus, you have stopped your breathing. You hav to start this focus from 1 minute to 5 minute in different set. Upto 1 hr, you can continue this meditation.

With this, your mind will start to activate your height growing harmons. Next day, you get up and see your height increased by 1 inch, 2 inches, 3 inches. In one month, your height has increased by 12 inches. Yes, it is possible because there is big power in meditation.

We are using our mind's energy in the form of imagination. Your mind will direct to your all glands and your height will increase

2. Start to Think the Benefits of Increasing Height in Meditation

(A) Sit on one leg.

(B) Stand up your hands

(C) Start focus that you are getting unlimited benefits of increasing height


a) I have good health if I have good height
b) It will boost my confidence
c) I can talk properly
d) I can saw the things which I can not saw in small height
e) I can fight better for helpless
f) I have benefit in my job and business

You have to think above in imagination

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  1. This was really helpful 💯

  2. i want to grow 6 feet tall and I am 15 years and I am 5'8. I can grow 6 feet tall by 18 years, I still have 3 years left.
    Thank you

  3. Can i imagine any picture of my height increasing

  4. Already 6 feet want 4 Inches more


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