How to Control Anger - By Dr. Vinod Kumar

Yes, control on anger is so easy but due to you are the habit of anger, you are not understanding the concept to control anger. Yes, you can control. For this, you just focus your energy to do following workout of mental exercise for 30 days. This mental exercise will control your anger like a person who did workout honestly in gym will have the muscles to lift weight anytime anywhere without bringing any difficulty in mind. So, understand the steps to control anger and use it in daily basis 3 times for 30 days.

1st Step : Visualise Anger as Poison for Your Body 

1st Sub Step

 Take the blank paper

2nd Sub Step

write all the side-effects of Anger

3rd Sub Step

Visualise all Side -effects as poison to your Body when you start to Anger. You can use images on your mobile.

4th Sub Step

For 30 Days, daily speak these side effect's list 3 times in a day.

List May be like for command to mind

1. If I will anger, I will face the weakness of 7 days fever
2. If I will anger, I will face the burn due to fire
3. If I will anger,  I will loss 40 days food blood.

So, your mind will not accept anger emotion if someone will not follow your rule or plan because you have done 1st step workout

2nd Step : Education to Mind

Speak and Write 30 days daily 10 times following words

1. My dear mind, please behave good  with other.
2. My dear mind, please behave with other with love.
3. My dear mind, please behave  with other respectfully.
4. My dear mind, please behave with other peacefully.
5. My dear mind, please remember the gratefulness of other before anger with him or her and forgive his or her small mistake.
6. My dear mind, please do not aggressive talk with other.
7. My dear mind, If other will not follow your rule or plan, please do not anger with him or her.
8. My dear mind, please talk with other with polite.
9. My dear mind, please do not behave with other with anger.
10. My dear mind, please do not complain, criticise and backbite of other.

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Reference Books for Further Study

1. Gita - Lord Shri Krishna

2. Psycho Cybernetics - Maxwell Maltz

3. Law of Success - By Napoleon Hill

4. How to Win Friends and Influence People - By Dale Carnegie

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