7 Top Causes of Hernia

Following are the list of 7 Top causes of Hernia

  1. Lifting Weight More than Capacity

Everyone has capacity to lift weight upto a specific limit. But if a person lifts any weight more than the capacity, inside stomach skin may be in tension or stress and result may come in the form of hernia. This is one of main reason. 

  1. Overweight 

Everyone must have the balanced weight. If you have the weight more than your optimum weight, it will pressure to your abdomen inside wall and hernia will come result. Second, overweight will increase blood glucose and cholesterol in the body which weak inside body tissues. So, to reduce weight is must upto optimum level.

  1. Drinking Alcohol and Using Smoking and Other Addiction

If you are drinking alcohol and using smoking and other addiction, your body’s immune system will weak and it is main cause of hernia. 

  1. Bad Food Habits

If you are eating unnatural food like non veg., eggs, meat, more rice and wheat, fried and oily food and sugar food and sour food, it will bring huge constipation and same dust will go to your inside blood skin and weak it and hernia will come as result. So, to leave unnatural food is must. 

  1. Negative thoughts and Emotions 

If you have the negative emotions like to all time think negative and fearful regarding coming of diseases. It is sure, hernia has come from it because all negative and fearful thoughts disturb the harmons system of body and release negative chemical which make inside stomach skin weak and hernia will come.

  1. Not Clean the Small and Large Intestine

Small intestine is of 40 feet and large intestine is of 10 feet just like a long pipe. If you will not clean it, it will be full of dust and increase its size and pressure forward to the inside skin and will tear it and make the hole inside weak part. So, to clean the small and large intestine intestine are  must. 

7. Kill Body's Friend Microbes

Add Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides poison in the body and eating Antibotics and other medicines more and more will kill the body's friend microbes and due to this, body starts weak and hernia and other disease are the result of this.

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