My First Day of My Silence Fast [ Know What I have Learned ]

 Yesterday [ 19-03-2021] was my first day of my silence fast in my life. In my whole life to being dumb is really a new experience. But experiment is my passion to gain practical knowledge for better life.

 I have learned lots of things with this which I am sharing

1. More time on Meditation

Yesterday, because I was being dumb, so, I have given more time on meditation. I did focus on on om, focus on breathing, focus on mantra, focus on light and this everything has possible with my whole day silence. 

2.  More Peace of My Mind

Tongue is great organ. By speaking without thinking, we can increase small issue big. All quarrel starts from speaking. By silence and being dumb, I reach near the peace of mind.

3. More Control on My Secret

If anybody has the tongue, it do not mean that he should open it to share all his secrets. For example, you have gold of Rs. 1 Crore in your home. Will you open your home for thieves. No. You will secure. you will  keep in locker. You will give the key to your trustable security gaurd. When we speak and open up our secrets, we open up our weaknesses. We invite others to take our Rs. 1 crore gold easily by saying there is no security gaurd because our mind is weak. 

In this world, many people are spy. They will start to ask simple question because they want to get the address of our Rs. 1 Crore and you have weakness of over speaking and tell the address with detail that 

in my second room and its key is just back above the window. Then, go to locker and then find its key below my second shoes. Ha ha ha. and after this, cry and go to police station that some has taken my gold without my authority

Same is with our life. Being silent, being dumb, we can control more control on our secret

Yestereday, I went to buy vegetables for my food. I go with walking and a person starts to ask question like spy and thanks god, I was on silence fast and did not share and save my secret to him.

4. Save My Energy

In yesterday, I have saved my energy to attend calls and talking long. I have written the whatsapp and focus to the point. I believe it has given me more focus on my goal. 

5. More time on Learning

In this world, there is big issue, we learn less and teach more because our weakness of overthinking and convert it in our speaking and result is failure in our teaching. 

My favourite quote is 

Today reader is tomorrow leader

Thanks god, who gave me opportunity to being dumb for one day

6. Start to Talk in Natural Language 

God has not made language hindi and english. God has made the nature. For our facility, we invented languages. I have to go again to my nature where is no language. 

I started it first time from tomorrow

I wanted to buy Rs. 20 tomato and I have to being dumb. So, I kept Rs. 20 in my pocket

and when vegetable seller lady told me how much do you want tomato.

I just show Rs. 20 and she understood I need Rs. 20

Now, nature is so powerful

For speaking, I have to say

Yes, I need Rs. 20 value tomato. Now, I just show Rs. 20 in the front of seller. Nature save our energy

Except human being, all animals, all trees, plants speaks the natural language, by being silence, we can listen all their language of love.

6. I have increased my Tolence Power 

I have learned to increase my tolence power through my yesterday silence.

7. Listened What I ignored Often

Yesterday, I listen the things which I forget to listen during ignor due to hurry of speaking. 

In conlusion. God is so kind but we always misuse his great weapons which is the source our success. We forget that all things of God and given us free gift and we have to use it for welfare of others. We just talk in ego and waste our energy. I personally recommend to do one day silence fast. 

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