7 Top Causes of Varicocele

 All allopathic doctors explains in single voice. causes of varicocele disease is unclear. But as Naturopathy doctor, I am very clear. I am explaining the 7 Top Causes of Varicocele.

1st Cause of Varicocele :  Breaking of Strict Rule of Brahmcharya 

Brahmcharya means full focus of getting new knowledge and remove the ignorance. If practically understands its rules. It means to control 8 types of actions of sexual desires. If any person will not control of mind regarding sexual desire, he will surely captured in varicocele. If you have varicocele, it means, you have not controlled following. Learn it because it it is brahmcharya and follow it, it is also brahmcharya.

1. To read sexual  books, ebooks, articles and contents.

2. To listen sexual books, ebooks, articles and contents

3. To Watch porn and lustful videos, movies and contents or direct looking to woman or girl for sexual desire

4. To talk about Sex for mind pleasure or Praising the qualities of the other sex. or  or play sexually

5. To think  to do sex

6. To determine to do sex or command to mind to do lustful. 

7. To touch own or other sex organ for mind pleasure or  masturbation

8. To do sex without baby goal or  actual sexual act without baby goal. 

If you have to heal varicocele, you must focus to remove your big cause. If you have wife. 

Determined not to Sex for 1 Year 

If not married

Determined not to Above 8 types of breaks of brahmcharya. 

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2nd Cause of Varicocele : Breaking of Strict Rule of Natural Food

If you are eating the non veg., eggs and chiken and meat or other fish, it is surely, it is your main cause. Because it does not digest properly and dust will keep in the body which helps the disorder to scrotum veins and varicocele will come in. So, stop this.

Except this, eating outside food, meda food, junk food, cold food are also cause of varicocele.

Eating white salt is also its main cause.

So, stop it and eating more and more fresh desi cow milk, fruits and green veg.

3rd Cause of Varicocele : Breaking of Strict Rule of Natural Sleeping 

If you sleep late night and get up late, it will help you to become permanent patient of constipation and constipation will help to bring varicocele.

4th Cause of Varicocele : Taking Stress 

If you are taking stress, it means you are giving the command to your brain to release negative harmons in the body which helps to damage your own veins and immune system and varicocele comes in your life. 

5th Cause of Varicocele : Lack of Daily Exercises

If you do not do daily exercise, it means, you are decreasing the ability of your heart and veins to circulate your blood in your body. That is the reason, you have the varicocele problem. 

6th Cause of Varicocele : Negative Emotions 

If you are thinking all time fears of increasing diseases

by thinking

I am fearing, my varicocele grade is increasing

I am fearing, my sperm counts are decreasing daily

I am fearing, I will not heal

I am fearing, my varicocele will bring my testicles cancer. 

These are unlimited fear and fear brings the reality in your life because 

FEAR MEANS FAKE evidence appear real

When appear real, it means, it will happen to you.

So, give up your all fear. By saying I AM HEALTHY. I AM BRAVE TO ACCEPT ALL THINGS IN THE LIFE.

7th Cause of Varicocele : Eating Medicine and Surgery

If you have eaten any medicine in your life, varicocele comes in your life from its side effect. So, stop it. If you did any life style mistake and again surgery, it means, it is your second mistake. Varicocele comes from it. 

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