My Second Day of Silence Fast [ Know What I have Learned ]

 Yestereday was my second day and I was on the silence fast. I learned lots of things by not speaking 2nd day. 

1. I have increased self control

This is great thing when we think, we start to speak but if you are on the silence fast, you will think and again rethink whether it is necessary to speak. After thinking, I want to speak and again rethink that I am on the silence fast and release that my speaking is not so important. 

2. Written request is so powerful for getting help

I sent today written request and second party accepted. Both silence and goal has achieved.

3. Change the look of World to See Me

Due to my silence, people have encourage to help me in my work. This is called automation of energy. If you will start to save energy, other energy help to fulfil empty space. 

for example, I want to less for fruits. By seeing, I am not speaking, he starts to believe that I am dumb. He started to help me by fastly selling me fruits at less at my desire when I showed my hand no as to show, I am not interested to buy at high price.

4. Happiness boost 

When I start to show my hands instead tongue, please has to estimate and confusion what I have told. They feel sometime complex math problem and I became as the teacher who can solve it and it make me important and this importance gives me happiness.  

5. More Idea for Making New Video

I have got idea to show in video instead speak in video. Today, I have made video without speaking and show only live 5 minute focus on light

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