Treatment of HIV/ AIDS with Naturopathy - Part 2

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Welcome in the second part of HIV/AIDS naturopathy treatment. As per naturopathy, no virus will attack on human body if the immune system is not weak. In naturopathy, we say that your ability of fighting disease has decreased. Except this, there is no explanation of this disease in any book of naturopathy. As per naturopathy, you can boost your immune system, if there is defeciency in it. As soon as your immune system is solid, you can remove fever or cold. In the first, I told that you have to live today life today. You are wasting by thinking past and taking tension of past. In naturopathy, there is no test of HIV. We have full ability to cure it. So, there is no need to take its test in naturopathy. We can not eat tomorrow food today. We can not also eat yesterday food today. Both are harmful for your health. In this lecture, I will explain the steps of forgetting future and past. If you not forget your future and past, your all system will die with huge tension.

I am explain it with a simple example. A person is walking on the rope. His focus is on the road to cross it. With his attention and focus, he will cover and win the price. If he will start to think future and past, he will fall and may be injured. So, better focus will help him to achieve the goal. So, it is also your goal to focus only in present. Our life is also on the rope. We have to more focus on present time.

Our tensions are equal to the weight of 20 kgs. if we will not keep it on the earth it will kill our two hands. Like this, our tensions are the 20 kgs., it also need to release. So, never keep always with you.

1st Step : Stop Mobile and Social Networking Online

When you on the mobile, you start to live other person's life. Did you listen? I am Doctor Vinod and I want to help you. No, no one call you for giving the offer of help to you. So, you need to stop the mobile and social networking sites if you want to live today life today. Long talk on mobile is the waste of energy. Already you have less energy. You have to save it instead waste it. Mobile will disturb your daily routine. You can not walk, you can eat proper food because you are busy in attending phone calls. So, stop it if you want to live today life today. All social networking sites are using artificial brain. It will release your brain's dopamine chemical negative way. Because it will give you the motivation that you have obtained 30 new girlfriend or boyfriend. With this, you will start to misuse your sex energy. So, stop both for 30 days. With this, you can live today life today. Our Indian Rishi Munis lived today life today by not finding the invention of mobile and social networking websites. If you will start to give peace to your brain. Your immune system will recover automatically with brain relax. You should not give the opportunity to other who will disturb your today life.

2nd Step : Make the Best Time Table of Today

We can live every second a million years life. As per Mahatama Budh, Every new day is new life. We have to live this life. We have to make the time table. We give the one work one time.  We should not give the stress on brain by multi work on a single time. Be relax and write your own best time table.

Get up 3 AM
Fresh 3 AM to 3 : 30 AM
Meditation 3 : 30 AM to 4 : 30 AM
Exercise 4 : 30 AM to 5 : 30 AM
Bathing and Pray of God 6 : 00 AM to 6: 30 AM
Reading Books + Eating Breakfast 6 : 30 AM to 8 : 00 AM
Do Hard Work : 8 : 00 AM to 12 PM
Eating Lunch + Rest  12 : 00 PM to 1 : 00 PM
Work Hard  1 :00 PM to 5 PM
Fresh and Exercise 5 : 00 PM to 6 : 00 PM
Eating Dinner 6 : 00 PM to 7 : 00 PM
Writing your own Notebook  7 : 00 PM to 8 : 30 PM

Thankfulness notebook
Improving your mistake notebook
Today Achievement Notebook
Tomorrow Goal Notebook

Pray of God  8 : 30 PM to 9 : 00 PM
Sleep  9 : 00 PM to 3 : 00 AM

Remember again, you should do one work one time. No take extra burden on your brain.

3rd Step : Spend Your Whole Energy to Make Today Better and Best 

Today, you spend your whole energy to make today better and best. For this, you have to open your brain for search and research.

4th Step :  Do Today What You Love 

Today, you should do what you love and never think one second about what you do not love. For example, I love to make health videos. So, today, I have to make part 2 video of Treatment of HIV Positive and AIDS.

5th Step : Never Take Tension of Future and Past 

I ready told that you have not to take tension of future and past. You have to stop the doors of future and past thinking. You have wonderful machine. If you want, you can stop the breathing for one hour. Like this, you can lock the doors of future and past tensions. It is possible. Never think about this. You have lots of other substitutes.

You have remember my favourite quote.

Today, I live this day as it is my last. I will not waste a moment of worrying about  yesterday misfortune , ache of heart and defeat. I will not waste my today good day for yesterday bad day.

You have to follow it for 30 days.
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