Treatment of HIV/ AIDS with Naturopathy - Part 4

We have made already made 3 parts of naturopathy treatment of HIV / AIDS. If you did not see the all past 3 parts, we request, you must read and watch our all past three parts. This treatment is step by step. So, you can not forget past steps for taking new steps.

Our Teaching Focus : How to Increase Self-Confidence 

Today, our teaching focus will on increasing self-confidence. If we will succeed your self-confidence, there will no time to cure your HIV/ AIDS. You will totally fit. Your immune system will strong with your willpower and self-confidence and all virus will leave your body room. Check your test and you will be ok. You will say, it is magic. Your old chronic disease will cure with new few days. It can only be possible by awaking your self-confidence. It has great power because it is supreme power and it is super natural power.
Now, I am explaining the simple method for boosting your confidence. It will go from 0 level to 100 level, if you will follow strictly my technique.

Understand the Concept 

When a person knows that he is under HIV positive or AIDS, he or she will start to take stress of it. He or she need the relief from this stress. Brain can get relief with release of dopamine organic chemical. This dopamine chemical will release by eating the food of reward. It means, its creation is on the reward which you will give to you. You have worked great for nation and you get reward of pram vir chakar, padam shree and you are playing and you will get gold medal. You win this gold medal by fighting with 193 countries. With this reward, you will create your dopamine and this dopamine super hero will remove your stress with in second and your brain will get relief.

When you will see that you are earning Rs. 100,000 every day and it is growing, then your confidence will increase. Your confidence will increase if you will kill any disease will attack on you.

Creation of Dopamine = Reward which you will give

Dopamine Work = Kill the Stress

Effect of Killing of Stress = Rest to Brain

Rest to Brain = Cure Your HIV Positive / AIDS Fastly

Major Step of Creating Positive Dopamine in Your Brain

Two Write everyday "My Today Achievment Notebook"

Before sleeping, you have to write the notebook of my today achievement notebook. Daily, you have to write your achievement. Not only today but every night, you can not sleep before writing this notebook. It will become your good habit. Following detail, you have  to write

1st Step : My Today Achievement

For examples,

1. you can write your achievement  like you are walking 10 kms daily from last 7 days. It is your great achievement. No one walk 10 kms daily but you are the superior to do this.
2. Today, you did not eat non-veg., eggs, oily food, cold water, smoking and drinks alcohol, drink tea.

I have made these good habits

2nd Step : Why is it My Major Achievement

This is great achievement because previous week, I walk only 5 kms. In this month, I have taken challenge to walk 10 kms daily. I have succeeded in it. I did it. It was so easy. I am happy. So, it is my major achievement.

3rd Step : What Next Challenging Step will I take for Next Day? 

Now, you have to set challenging goal in next challenging step. You will write that I felt happy to walk 10 kms from 7 days. I will continue it for next month. For this, I will keep reminder in my phone. I will focus on this great fact. I have also planned to walk more 2 kms after 10 kms. So, after next month my goal will be 12 kms per day. Your biggest goal to walk 20 kms a day for 30 days. It must be your dream which can be achieved by writing daily progress report.

You must write this notebook and its great positive effect you can see in your body and mind. No disease will touch you. Every past disease will start to cure fastly. Your immune system was weak due to HIV. But you make the health achievement notebook due to this, immune system boost fastly. Now, you will become totally healthy. Just paste my 1st part list on the wall and start to fight and try to write your winning and reward report on your daily notebook.

For example, I made first video of naturopathy treatment of HIV / AIDS. I checked that it has received 20000+ views. Good comments. Good phone calls. I have written it in my achievement notebook. It has give me energy to research and make its part 2, part 3 , part 4 and now part 5. Then, I am writing it on my website.  If I can do this, you can also achieve if you understand this concept. It is easy. YEH ASAN HAI. You can write any good achievment. It may be that you are eating fruits daily from last 30 days. What a great thing of your health habit. It will be progress and you will get its great results on your health. Hope, you will follow this. Please also subscribe our website for more new knowledge. Thanks.

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