Treatment of HIV/ AIDS with Naturopathy - Part 3

Video Description 

We have explained in first part that HIV positive virus is weaking our immune system and it leads to immune system failure. In first part, I have explained full naturopathy treatment of HIV / AIDS.  In second part of HIV /AIDS, I have explained how can you live today life today. I have received lots of phones on my mobile no. 9356234925 and lots of people have told their pain and problems. They told me that one day, they have eaten fruits and next day, they stop to eat fruits. They told me that one day, they walk long but next day, they stop to walk. They are unable to achieve the goals of natural life style. Today, I will explain, how can you achieve your goal to free from HIV / AIDS. Today, I will focus on this. Hope, you will also focus on this lecture.

Friends, I want to tell, why positive word with HIV. It means, now you have to 10 times more positive than a normal person. Because only positivity is your power. Every second, you have to become hopeful and leave negativity.

You have to Take Major Step 

Write "Improvement of Your Mistakes" Note Book  for Curing HIV / AIDS Naturally

You have to write a notebook. You have to write your mistakes and improve it. These mistakes will be relating to my first part video. If you did any mistake, you must improve it yourself. I told that you have to walk 20 kms daily. You have to eat fruits daily. You have to live today life today. You have to follow strict rules of brahmcharya. You must have full control on sex energy and you have power to flow it positive way. We have to treat HIV by saving the wastage of sex energy. For this, you need to do hard work. You can do this hard work. You can do this hard work. You have to write this notebook. For example, you sleep 9 pm, you must take the improvement of my mistakes before 8 pm in your home.

1. Write the date.

 Then write your mistake of today? It may that you did not walk 20 kms a day. Today, I have headache. I have stomache ache. Today, I have weakness. Due to this, I could not walk. This is my mistake because Dr. Vinod is saying in clear words ,"if I walk, I will be ok." Walking strongs the immune system.

2. Then you have to write, why is it your major mistake?

 Following is the List of Your Mistakes

1. You can say and write that if I did not walk, I can capture in the bad habit of not walking and every day, I will repeat this. With this, I will unable to promote my immune system. As per Dr. Vinod, if you do not walk regularily long for long time, you will not free from HIV.

2. Today, I did not Eat Fruits. Today, I did not eat masami, banana, chiku, santra and chiku. I am weeping. I am not telling my problem to my family for support. This is my mistake. You have to write it. God has made the fruits. God wants that you should live 101 years with happy life.

3. Today, I did not do any strength exercise. It is my mistake because if I will not do push up, pull up and other gym type strength exercise, I will become weak and it is very easy to attack any disease if body is living just with weakness. For making the steel of chest, it is very necessary to do push every day. Push up means support to your muscle for growing. That is necessary for fitness of muscles. You have to make it steel.

4. Today you have to write your other health mistakes. like you can write, " I ate unhealthy food like non-veg, meat, chicken, eggs and drinks and smoking also. It is my mistake. I will never eat them in future. All these things will weak your immune system. Non-veg. will always weak your immune system. It is bad habit of eating.

5. You may also do the mistake today. That you have taken tension of future and past. You have to write that it is your mistake. Because it will carry you depression and brain failure. If brain is failure who will save you from covering your body from diseases like AIDS.

3. Then you have to write " How will I Improve this Mistake in Next Day?

Anything happen in my life, to walk 20 kms a day is my goal. I will achieve it and it will improve my mistake. You will set small goal also, if you do not have the practice of walking 20 kms. You can fix 2 kms. You can fix 5 kms. You can fix 10 kms. But be regular about this.

This is process. Write your mistakes. Write the reasons of your mistakes? Steps to improve your mistakes. You can also improve because it is the function of brain and your brain is normal just like me.

2. You have set the goal of eating fruits daily. As per Dr. Vinod, it will improve my immune system.

3. You have to write the improvement of your strength exercise mistake. That you will make it as your goal. You can start from 10 and you will reach 200 push up per day. I will appoint a coach who will count the number of my push up. My coach will motivate to grow in this side.

4. I will avoid the triggers which encourage me to eat non-veg, eggs and meat. I will never eat them. It will become my life time goal. I will promise myself, I will never drink cold.

5. You have to write that you will become happy all the time. You will take the challenge of every problem. You will dream big. You will express your gratitude what you have and what others have given you support. You will talk good and positive with other people, it will decrease your stress and tension.

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