Treatment of HIV/ AIDS with Naturopathy - Part 5

Welcome in the 5th part of treatment of HIV positive / AIDS. In this part, my teaching focus will be to explain the timetable of eating and exercise for HIV patients. When I started naturopathy treatment of HIV/ AIDS, I got lots cases of patients. So, it is my big responsibility to give fastly relief to my patients. I have to boost their immune system fastly and carry it at highest level and give freedom to my patient from this disease. I told already that any HIV patient must do strength exercise daily. HIV patient must walk 20 kms daily. HIV patient must eat fruits daily. All need to do on specific time. So, there is the need of timetable like a school going student.

Solutions of HIV / AIDS Patients' Problems

Before telling time table, I want to tell that I have solved lots of problems of HIV patients. I got the phone call from one HIV patient

First Patient : Hallo Dr. Vinod

Dr. Vinod : How can I help you?

First Patient : I am HIV positive. After 3 months, I have to marry with a beautiful girl. Can I cancel the marriage due to this chronic disease.

Dr. Vinod : Marriage is after 3 months and you have no hope today. Why are you feeling negative. Today is the time of struggle. Instead of cancel your marriage, you should focus on my naturopathy treatment of HIV / AIDS. You should not fix your mindset that there is no treatment of HIV disease. With your positivity and hopefulness, you can achieve the result of 101% cure from HIV positive.

Now, I attended next call from second patient from different city of India.

Second Patient : Hallo Dr. Vinod

Dr. Vinod : How can I help you?

Second Patient : I am HIV positive. My husband went to city from village. He came my village after 3 months. Then we started our sexual relationship with each other. After sometime, my husband tested and found that he was HIV positive. I tested. I am also HIV positive. My husband died with AIDS. But, I did not do any crime. Why did I face this punishment in the form of HIV positive disease. 

Dr. Vinod : Dear friend, please cool down. First get peace of mind. When you married with your husband, you will be the partner of life's all comforts and pains due to this pure relationship. This is the relationship of trust. You are HIV positive still not last stage of HIV. You will not go to that stage if you will follow my naturopathy treatment. It needs hard work. Like if a perisoner did hard work, it is chance, he will get relief in jail time. So, if you start to do hard work in naturopathy treatment, you will also get free from the jail of HIV positive. After this hard work, your pure blood will start to become fastly and your immune system will start work to kill HIV virus.

Then, again third patient had come on my phone call. 

Third Patient : Hallo Dr. Vinod

Dr. Vinod : How can I help you?

Third Patient : I am HIV positive. Dr. Vinod, I did biggest mistake in my life. I did not watch your video of Brahmcharya and its first part. I went to go to Brothel in red alert area. I had given the payment and did wrong work. I did misdeed. I did adultery with a woman sex worker. During the sex, my condom broke. Few days, ago, I found that I am HIV positive. I am feeling very sad and disappointed from that wrong work with prostitute for few minutes of entertainment. This past tension and my future tension are killing me from my heart. Please save me Doctor. I do not want to die soon.  

Dr. Vinod : There is no benefit of thinking of past because the water which fell on the earth can not drink. Like this, you can change the history. Yes, you can improve your future. I know, this is wrong and it is your biggest mistake. You can improve this mistake by stopping sex activity or unethical relation with anyone in future. Now your full focus on my naturopathy treatment of HIV positive. Watch its all part video from part one to part 5 and read its reference text and follow it and you will be fully cured from this disease. 

Next patient

Third Patient : Hallo Dr. Vinod

Dr. Vinod : How can I help you?

Third Patient : I am HIV positive. I am teeth surgeon. Few years ago, I was doing the surgery of a patient. There was the cut in my hand and I forgot to wear gloves. blood of my patient had mixed in the cut of hand. Few months after this event, I faced the symptoms of HIV patient and I checked and tested, it was true. I have human immune deficiency virus in my body. I want to do this social work. I am in depression from this event. I do not want to die. Dr. Vinod saved me.

Dr. Vinod : I told that if I speak truth and if there is power in my truth. I promise you that you will live 101 years healthy life but for this, you need also a small promise that you have to follow my naturopathy treatment rules and regulations for 101 years.

Next patient

Fourth Patient : Hallo Dr. Vinod

Dr. Vinod : How can I help you?

Fourth Patient : I am HIV positive. Three months ago, I married with a beautiful woman. Few days ago, I found that  I have same virus in my body. Now my wife demand a baby. I did not tell this truth to my wife. I have avoided sex with my wife for her goal. One side our relation is going wrong and second side, I am taking tension about this disease and I do not want the baby without fully cure from this disease. What should I do?

Dr. Vinod : You should remember our great role model. Do you know Shri Ram chander and Sita Story. Shri Ram had taken the promise not to any physical relation with Sita for 14 years in forest living due to completing the responsibility of past promise and sacrifice for his brother Lakshman. Sita accepted his order. Both Lived Brahmchary for 14 years. After 14 years, they joined both physically and Sita got two babies love and kush.

You can also brahmchary after marriage and follow my naturopathy rules which I told in past part 1 to 4.

From above phone calls, you find that I have big responsible to give happiness to my all HIV positive patients. You can support me to share this responsibility. You can support me by following my naturopathy treatment which I found after deep research of many years.

Time Table : Exercise and Eating

Get Up 3 A.M.

you should get up 3 am every day. You did not like it from past. In past, you was not this disease. No, you are the patient and you have to follow this rule. With this, your stomach will clean fastly. With this, your pure blood will become and it will strong your immune system.

Exercise 6 : 00 AM to 8 AM  = 2 Hours 

You must do strength exercise. It increase the fire in your pancreas. It will digest food fastly and you will get energy and you will not sleep in day and your virus will kill fastly. In this do ram murti push up. It was made by Prof. Ram murti ji. Once a poison was given by a killer. He did his push up and clean body through sweat and he lived and cured the poison. You will also cured with Ram murti push up. He has extraordinary power to stop train and pick up the elephant on his chest. He had big power of brahmcharya. He got it with exercise.

Eating Food : From 9 AM to 11 AM

Sun starts from 9 AM and our pancreas fire also starts from 9 AM with high level. I want that you should food to pancreas between 9 am to 11 am and it will consume it and make its pure liquid and this pure liquid will convert pure blood fastly and your disease will cure fastly. You must drink fresh Desi cow milk. You must all seasonal fruits.

Walk and Achieve the Goal of 20 Kms Walking : Rest Whole Day 

Now after eating whole food between 9 to 11 am, you should start to walk 20 kms. If you do not walk such big goal. Walk and rest. Walk and rest. and you will get the stamina of walking 20 kms daily.

Try to avoid night food because pancreas fire is not in existence like absence of sun. So, night food will not digest. You may eat small fruits and milk in night if you are hungry for emergency energy.

You should also raise fire in your havan kund daily.

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