What are the symptoms of IBS?

 IBS is the life style disease which comes due to  weak of intestine. 

Following are its main symptoms


Constipation has also major symptom of IBS. Your normal pass of your stool will stop. Even, you added your body pressure but your stool does not pass because your large intestine has the problem of total contraction. Brain stress also plays major role in it. Brain does not take better decision about when to pass, how much water absorb in stool for better normal passing and communication with anus muscles.

2. Loose motion

Continually non stop loose motion is also one of major symptom of IBS.You get waterly loose motion after few days. It means, your intestine 

is so weak to absorb food's nutrition and it is going outside without absorbing the nutrition. It is very serious condition and will be very stressful.

3. Gas

You will often feel gas.

4. Stomach pain

Lower stomach pain is most common symptoms. It may be before or after bowel movement. You tried to pass your stool but it has hard and after eating more, condition will become more painful

5. Cramping

some time, you feel cramping. Cramping comes when there is in large intestine

6. Rectal bleeding

If you have long constipation, you can see your rectal bleeding in your IBS symptom

7. Weight loss

8. Anemia

9. Vomiting

10. Slow Bowel Movement

Neither stool motion nor constipation, you will feel slow your bowel movement. At one setting, your total stool will not pass. Due to this, your energy will more waste. 

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