How to Clean Stomach Properly

Patient : Dear Sir, My stomach does not clean properly and my liver enzymes SGPT and SGOT have increased. I think, it happens due to my Navel Displacement since long almost 10 yrs. Kindly guide me how to heal it. 

Me :  Dear patient, first of all, you have to understand everything fundmental for cleaning your stomach properly. 

Not Cleaning Stomach  :  

Stomach does not clean, it clear means that there is dust in it. See this image.

It means, you have done the different tests. So, try to understand its meaning also. 

GPT Test : 

This test tells the quantity of  Serum Glutamic Pyruvic Transaminase (GPT in blood. GPT is enzyme found in liver. Normal quantity is 7 to 56 per liter of blood serum. Due to high level of SGPT, you can get  Hepatitis A,B and C, Diabetes, Heart attack, Obesity and Gallbladder inflammation

SGOT Test :

This is enzyme which produces by liver and its full name is serum glutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase. If the quantity is high, it means is an indication of liver cell injury. So, we can easily diagnosis that liver starting damaging and it is time to care it. This enzymes also found in kidney, heart, muscles and brain. If it increases, there is injury any these places

Normal is 8 to 45 unit per liter of blood serum if there is more than 45 unit, it means, it is showing indicate inside any injury. 

Now Navel Displacement : 

Navel  displacement means, navel is not on its natural place

Now Learn the steps to Clean Stomach Properly under your circumstances.

Learn also what to do naturally before medical tests.

Learn also why should fire all test reports. 

1st Step : Never bring Constipation

With this video, you will get learn to clean by removing your constipation

 This video will answer all your questions.

 1. My constipation is not going for 10 years, what should I do

 2. I ate a lot of medicines to relieve constipation so far, I have not finished from the root. What do I do, Dr. Vinod?

 3. Gas in my stomach, acidification is only due to my chronic constipation, how will I get a permanent solution?

 4. There is a formula that will eliminate my constipation problem for a lifetime

For keeping GPT and SGOT under your control, always eat fresh and natural food. Walk daily 2 hrs. Never drink alcohol, non veg and eggs. Drink normal water instead freeze water. 

Watch this video to heal your neval displacement naturally. 

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