12 Causes of Fatty Liver Disease

I am explaining 12 causes of fatty liver disease. If you want to stop them, you can change the game of your health and make your liver healthy. Everything is in your hand. 

1. Lack of Exercise Daily and  Overweight 

All the people who do not do the exercise morning and evening daily and sit more will be overweight and same is the major cause of fatty liver disease because undigested fat of stomach will go to liver and disturb its work and convert it in fatty liver disease. 

 2. Eating Outside fast food and junk food and oily food is also the cause of fatty liver. 

People have no time to make food in home. They eat outside fast food. In home, we make the roti and outside people eat meda bread in fast food which have not nuitritional value and second fast food and junk food are full of bad oil which will not digested our intestine and convert it in fatty liver. If you had eaten home desi cow ghee, there is no question that you have fatty liver. Because desi cow ghee is power booster.

3. Use of plastic for keep eatable food is also cause to overload of toxin in liver. 

All the people who uses more and more plastic bags will overload of toxin in the liver. All plastic bags are full of toxin. Give donation to yourself by stopping it immediately. 

4. Use of pressure cooker and microwaved food both will make toxin and toxin liver. 

Pressure cooker is made of aluminium which is bad metal for keeping the food and there is no touch of air and sun for making the food. So, both microwaved and pressure cooker will bring the toxin in your liver and these are the major cause of fattly liver disease.  

5. Diabetes

In diabetes, patient's pancreas does not work properly. Food will not digested properly and undigested sugar goes to the body and mix the the pure blood and make it toxin and when liver is unable to remove the this toxin, liver becomes fatty. So, cure diabetes naturally with this video

 6. Acidity 

Acidity also plays major role to make your situation bad by converting your normal liver into fatty liver disease. Because when you eat the food it does not digest properly because acid contents are more in your food. You eat non veg. ,eggs and refined oil. All make the acid and same acid will go to liver and make it toxin and liver will unable to remove it and convert it in fatty liver. So, cure your acidity problem naturally with this video

 7. High Blood Pressure

BP breaks the blood vessels and veins. If you have high bp, control it, otherwise broken vessel and veins will not supply blood to liver and liver will weak and fatty contents will collected and your liver will become fatty liver disease man. Learn 6 Top secrets to control BP naturally

 8. Anxiety, Stress and Depression 

Anxiety, stress and depression all are psychological diseases. You are fearing from future risks and did not spend time to prepare yourself to fight the future risk and you will become the patient of anxiety. Same anxiety weaks your liver and liver will full of negative harmons dust and you will become the patient of fatty liver. 

Whether you take the stress of your career or relationship or financial, it will bring negative harmons in your brain and same negative harmons collected in your liver in the form of dust. So, stress is the cause of your fatty liver. When stress is at high liver, it will be depression. Overcome your anxiety, stress and depression with this video

9. Negative Emotions long time Eating 

As you eat, your mind will become. As you eat of negative emotions in the form of hate, anger, jealousy, not forgive, no gratitude, your body will be full of negative harmons and result will be fatty liver disease.

10. More Sweet and Salt 

More sweet and salt also creates the dust in the liver and bring fatty liver disease.

11. No Use of Green Veg. and Fruits in Daily Life 

If you will not eat green veg. and fruits daily, you will not get vitamins. Lack of vitamins means lack of immune system and more chance of fatty liver disease. So, eat green veg. and fruits daily. 

12. Use of Alcohol in Daily Life 

 These days, people takes alcohol for overcome the stress which is so bad and this alcohol is unable to digest and bring fatty liver disease. 

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