Naturopathy Treatment of IBS

Naturopathy Treatment of IBS will help to solve this problem permanent and life time.

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Friends, for a long time, many patients want to know that IBS is a problem, what is the natural treatment for it, so today we will talk about it.

IBS means contractions in your intestines. Look, there is no disease of this name in naturopathy, what does nature believe, if dust collects in any part of your full body, then your total digestive system gets shaken, food is not digested, diarrhea starts in the stomach. Vomiting starts, severe constipation and abdominal pain, it simply means that foreign dust has collected in your stomach.

Now how did these symptoms come, this disease is a gift of the Weston country, this disease was not in India, every person's life in India used to be healthy because whatever the rules of nature were, they were followed, now these rules are not being followed. human's digestive system got spoiled, then the doctor said that your immune system has become impaired, it has become paralyzed, it means that he is not able to digest, then you have become a patient of IBS forever, There are no tests for this, but the doctor asked you to do many tests, later the doctor will tell you that you have got bacteria in your stomach and now you have to take these pills.

 ibs is also a disease, all of them have treatment in nature. so let's teach

1. Believe Your Digestive System Will Be Strong

 Never have you ever been sick with your mind, your mind power is very high, your stomach is made of iron.

If the power of your mind is too much, it can never go wrong, wherever you go in the office, there will never be any gas, your bowel will never be compressed, if you learned how to increase the power of mind. 

 So let's learn this, first of all let's see what is the effect of it and what we call IBS, which is not there but it becomes, because its symptoms are felt by you, 

you digested the net, you digested wikipedia, you went to all the doctors, you were constipated, you used to have diarrhea, then the doctor also gave you medicine  then the doctor told you that you are my  permanent patient, just eat these medicines continuously, then the mind has accepted that I am sick. I am a patient of IBS. 

Hey brother, the mind should be explained that I am healthy, butyou  imagine in your mind that I am sick, I am weak, then this thing will come in the mind that how have you become a patient, then the mind that is the patient of IBS

 He thinks that you see that you are constipated, you have diarrhea, he has dreams while sleeping, that my intestine is 40 feet, which is a large intestine of 8 feet, the intestine has become compressed in total, so the stool is It will not come out, or whatever I eat, it will come out without digesting diarrhea, I am feeling weak, I am getting tired, so again and again my mind is going to convince you that you are going to your feeling negative thinking the same thing again and again.  It is your mind that you are seeing this photo again and again that you are going, first you wanted to see that photo with your energy, Imagination becomes reality, I will give an example,

Many years ago, the train did not run, the bullock cart used to run, so the person who thought that the engine should be made with steam, there would be a track behind it, the train would run on it, so today is the reality where you see America, Japan India, the train is running everywhere. thinking carried forward, bad thinking will be carried back.

A person thought that a bird is flying, if such a ship should be made, then it is done, I have come by flying an airplane. Yes, what he imagined becomes reality, because the mind repeatedly gives this signal to the brain. You are sick, you are sick, you have IBS, you get sick after thinking about it again and again, because of this, the brain starts making hormones that you are sick, inflation starts in every part of your body, if you are a lady, then you Inflation starts in the uterus, you have become too much bleeding , so now what we have to do, I do not have IBS, I am not a victim of this constipation, diarrhea has happened, it is a mistake of my lifestyle, yes I believe this is my mistake is

say this over and over again

I am healthy, was healthy, will be healthy

But there have been some mistakes, I can rectify them. you can correct your mistakes

I also made mistakes in my childhood, I also used to have an upset stomach. I used to have diarrhea, I was also constipated, I also had pain in my stomach, but now it is not so. Now my stomach has become steel. 

It is the power of my brain with which to steel my intestine. Never let your mind be let loose. You have to think that if you go out of the world, what will you give to the world? Don't think that my stomach is bad, my stomach is bad, there is something in your imagination that you have to give. Many such people come to the udemy website, they teach programming language, and you can also learn Java, you can learn many languages, apart from this there are many ideas such that you can give solutions to many problems. Put your energy in that and don't waste your energy remembering the disease.

if you are a woman, your uterus has malfunctioned. If your bleeding has increased, then take out this uterus, cut it out with scissors, this is the job of the surgeon because they worked hard, they made weapons and you are witnessing them, so you did not do

 this Life is very precious, you also have to do some creation, not scissors, brother, there are many other things that you can do, there are so many ideas in life, there is so much knowledge in life, at the end of life, pay your attention towards it. So it's okay you have always said that I am healthy, I am healthy, I am healthy, then your mind will also accept this thing, oh nothing, you are absolutely healthy.

2. Eat fresh and raw food

Second thing eat fresh, eat raw, eat fresh and I told that people of the western country always have a bad stomach, they never eat fresh, Roti was discovered in India. Chikki was discovered in India, here Chikki was run, wheat flour came out I used to cook Roti, I also cook my own Roti, it is very easy, the stomach is always healthy, you also eat wheat Roti, eat vegetables with bran, eat fresh fruits, eat fresh fruits, there will never be any stomach problem.

 Stomach problem comes to those who eat stale bread and eat stale for many days because the people of Europe and America have not come to cook bread till date, they take a bread from the market, that two or three to four days in cold store. If it is kept, then their stomach will be upset, then they are bound to have ibs disease, they are thinking about this disease and they are spending the days of illness, their stomach gas is never cured, sometimes the constipation of the stomach is not cured. So eat raw eat fresh

3. Keep your life Away from Stress

 Always the tension can be removed, it can be ended, it can be done with a simple meditation, 

Guru Nanak ji told three steps Chant the name, do the kirat and share excess with those who need it, whenever the stress comes, simran of that God and you become a stress free person at that time, then there will be no disease at all.

So always meditate OM or whatever you believe, if taken in very long breaths, then the tension will remove,  you do not have constipation, you do not have diarrhea and that As you thank God, your stomach ache will also be cured.

4. Exercise and get used to walking

You have to exercise and walk, with this,  our celibacy becomes stick, our immune system gets cured by celibacy, so its habit is very important, you make a note book, put attendence in it everyday, how many days At the time I walk, how much exercise I do, for the last two months, you have checked how much exercise you walked on.

I am telling the name of book " the means of celibacy" which has been written by Shri Omanand Swami ji, then it comes to Ram Murti ji, he was also very ill, so he started Dand bathak. Ram Murti ji held 500 500 1000  Dand bathak. By bringing sweat, he cured his all diseases

I am a patient, my sweat does not come out, you make a goal of 500 push ups and squat, sweat will come out, the disease will be completely cured.

5. Stop eating out

All outside food, you must stop. Never eat hotel food. Never eat packet food. Never eat factory food.

6. Go Outside in Sun

From morning to evening, you keep in office, home and ac car. So, you do not get sun energy, if you want to heal IBS, get sun energy 1 to 2 hr daily. 

Whether you live in Nepal, Asia or India, there is a sun for 8 or 9 months, you must take it  for 1 hour 2 hours, which is being available for free outside.

7. Do Havan Yug Everyday

 Perform a daily Havan, the gas that comes out of the Havan is so beneficial, energy is received, then this demon of ibs will end, you will never get any symptoms, your health will increase day by day, you will go towards further development.

Friends, let me tell once again that you have never told yourself that you are a patient of ibs, always say that I am healthy, I am fine, I am fine

Will eat 1 fresh, flour bread with home bran

Will eat 2 raw vegetables, raw fruits, drink fresh raw milk from Indian Cow

 stress free life

Let's sing

I will make my habit of walking daily

I will go outside in nature, I will not sit in the house, I will take sunlight

 Be it winter, summer or rain, I will do Havan everyday, I will smell its fragrance, I will become healthy.

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