100 Benefits of Brahmacharya - Part 6

 Welcome part 6 of "100 Benefits of Brahmacharya". Please read part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5 first.

26th Benefit of Brahmacharya: Right to Go to Brahmaloka for God Realization

God is everywhere. God is in everything. But still, no one can see him. No one can listen to his voice. No one can feel him.  A person who gets the right to go to Brahmaloka can find the God. The God which is so powerful who knows everything. He is  fearless. He Omni present. He is merciful. He does not take any revenge. He is true all the time. 

There are many condition to reach at brahmalok which explains Prishnoupanishad

तेषामेवैष ब्रह्मलोको येषां तपो ब्रह्मचर्य येषु सत्य प्रतिष्ठतम ( Prishnoupanishad)

God lives in the brahmaloka. A person who follow the strict rules and always remember the Brahm and a single sex thought never comes in his or her mind can get the right to go to Brahmaloka and find the God. See the God. Meet the God. Listen the voice of God. God is truth. By following the strict rules of Brahmacharya, brahmachari becomes the truthful and automatically, he or she reach the brahmaloka. 

A Simple Example 

I can explain a very simple example. If you have the Website hosting account. You have both the right. You can reach inside your hosting account which is private and you can also look your website which is public. By going inside of hosting, you can develop the design of your public website and write the content. By seeing the public website, you can check its impact. But the viewer of website has only one right to see your public website and read your written content but no authority to change the design of your website or change the content. 

Now, if the viewer wants to write the content in your website or want to improve your website design. For this he has to show his ability for getting the authority inside of your husting account

1. He has to request to you to help him for same because he inspired from you. 

Now Visualise God is inside you means your body hosting and live near soul and Outside the Body in everything. You can see his creation like seeing the website design and website contents. Means, you can see sun, moon, earth, plants, animals and other human beings. Now, you inspired to God and want to meet him personally and visit inside his hosting account. Tell me What you do?

You request to God, Dear God, I love you. I love your every creation. Your everything is beautiful. Your everything is complete. You are so big mastermind. I want to see you inside and I want to meet you. I want to talk you. I want to listen you. I want to contribute in your creation. To request to God in the form of pray is the Brahmacharya. To remember of God is the Brahmacharya. To desire to  see God inside is Brahmacharya. And God has great quality that God fulfill all the desires. 

You have to Decide whether you have to meet the Creator of Everything or Attachment of his Created things. 

Follower of Brahmacharya connects to God fastly because they always pray of God and meet the God in smathi and reach the Brahmaloka which between two eyes in the forehead. His vital energy uplift and helps to entry to Brahma Loka fastly. With the power of brahmacharya, it is easy to long time pranavayam. It is easy to reach in Mhasmathi. 

In simple word, for getting god, you have to sacrifice your all desires and keep only desire to achieve the God in this life and it can only be possible in Brahmacharya. 

Ramkrishna Paramhansa always says, where there is lust in your mind, there is no Ram in your mind. For God-realization in human body, you must be full of celibacy. With following of Brahmacharya for 12 years, a new nerve in brain develops and connect with God. If before this, you break your brahmacharya, you again starts from the beginning. So be careful. 

Swami Dayanand Says 

Like in the winter, if you will go to fire, you will save from winter cold. If you will go to near to God, you will save from all human sadness and got the quality, action and behavior of God. 

27th Benefit of Brahmacharya: Getting All the Benefits of Pranavayam

With the pranayam, we got fresh air in our lungs and same fresh air clean whole body. But only the follower of Brahmacharya can get the benefits of pranayama. If you did not have the mastery on the brahmacharya, you must not do the pranayama. That is Pantajali Rishi kept brahmacharya first in his 8 yog sutra. 

There is behind great reason of this.

By doing the pranavayam, a heat energy the whole body gets which purifies its Virya impurities and make the body powerful. If the person who always connected to lustful living and uncontrol living, if he will do the pranvayam, the same heat energy will generate but there is no Virya, so, same heat consumes the blood and other datus and human being will become weak. Second, he or she will be unable to long breathing holding due to weak point is brahmacharya. 

So, the first promise to 40 days strict follow the brahmacharya, then start pranayam slowly

28th Benefit of Brahmacharya: Overcome the Depression

There may be lots of reasons of depression. Whether is loss in the business or a legal issue. Whether there is family stress or health stress. All financial, legal issues, family and relationship issues and health stresss brings depression. With the following of brahmacharya, we can solve it. 

Depression first disorder your mind and then brain. But when you forget everything and every day, you eat and control your sex desire urge, your Vital energy started to conserve. Same energy first bring the mind in order. When mind's disorder removes, brain will be in order. Now, with orderful brain and mind, you take the better decision. You feel happier because you have focused to save internal earning which came from saving of Virya or Rj. Now, with your internal power, you manage the risks in a different part of life. you will not flight or fight. You will take a balanced decision. This balanced decision will carry you to success. 

29th Benefit of Brahmacharya: Increase the Level of Truth Inside 

Truth is 

God is operating inside the machine day and night. God digest our food and convert food into blood and other 7 datu and make the Virya or Rj as last datu. God is doing hard work day and night and collected Virya or Rj inside the body. 

Truth is 

God keeps his wealth in the testis in male human body and in the ovaries in the female. 

Lie is 

Now, you became the owner of same Virya Wealth. Your truthful duty is to save the Wealth of God. But as a cheater, you have taken same wealth and wasted same wealth by Withdrawing from your body

 by watching lustful

by  reading lustful

by listening  lustful

by  remembering lustful

by talking with lustful. 

God is seeing you as you are cheater who is enjoying from his hard work earned wealth. God thinks you are honest his bank where he can saved his hard work earning but you have wasted it by using that thing which you did not earned by your hard work. Inside machine is not operated by us. Tell me, are you operating your lungs, your heart, your stomach system and blood circulation system. Everything is done by god with his hard work and you do not right to waste other's property. 

By following the brahmacharya, everyone can increase his internal level of truth. This is truth that we have power to control our sexual desires and protect God's wealth which he made with his hard work. . Even you have failed 1000 times to control your sex desire after commitment to win because your weakness of mnd. It has decreased the level of your inside truth. 

But you did not give up. 

Good habits needs lots of repetition and practice. 

 Again if you have controlled your sexual desires, it means, you have increased your truth level. What you have told, you have acted and Won

By following becoming brahmacharya, you have fulfilled your truthful commitment to yourself. 

With this truth, your tongue gets the power. What you will say, it will be true in the future. 

And this power can not get from buying from the market. This power comes with the truthful commitment that I will not waste my inner sex energy for 100 days. If it is true. It means, you are truthful and in every area, you start to commit and if you will be truthful. You will get the Vak Sidhi. What you will say, it will be true. 

30th Benefit of Brahmacharya: Freedom from all kinds of sorrows

This is the great benefit of Brahmacharya that with its help, we can free from all kinds of sorrows. Sex desire never complete and due to this, we  again and again try and capture its fulfillment and loss our vital energy. When there is no energy in the body. Body starts to become weak and all kinds of sorrows starts. When we win our sexual desire. We can protect same energy and this energy save us all sorrow and make use free in our whole life.

Sant Kabir has explain it in his words 

काम सुआइ गज बसि परे मन बउरा रे अंकसु सहिओ सीस ॥१॥

It means, human being made first mud female Elephant. Due to sex Desire of Male Elephant comes near to the trap of human being and become the slave of human being. Due to his slavery, human being enjoys on his head and elephant works under his control and suffers the sorrows. 

Now Sant Kabir Convert Male Elephant as the Mind of Human being

Is it not the story of human being's mind. He is running behind his sex desire and wastes his Virya (Vital energy). Due to lose of his vital energy, he slave and suffers all sorrows. In sex desire, human beings waste his life.

So, brahmacharya is the solution only for freedom from all sorrows. 

Mahatma Budha Says

Sorrow of all is Sex Desire. If a human being got freedom from Sex desire, he can get real happiness his whole life. 

So, start to follow brahmacharya and get freedom from all sorrows. 

Read it in Hindi 

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