How can I keep my lungs always strong?

 Great question. First of all, thanks for asking the question which need in this lockdown 🔒 period.

You should take following one great step

Every morning, get up 4 am and after drinking water, do 4 pranavayam

These 4 pranavayam has designed in such a way it will strong your lungs

First Long breath 5 minutes

Second 1 minutes breathing holding for 5 minutes

Third 1 and half minutes breathing holding for 3 minutes

Fourth 2 minutes breathing holding for two minutes

Now learn it's techniques from this video

These Pranavayam starts slowly 


  1. Follow yum and niyam 10 rules before this
  2. Never eat non veg and eggs for doing y
  3. Never eat oily food for doing this

Great benefit to lungs if eat fruits only in same day

Now learn how it will strong lungs

  1. It will increase ability to oxygen holding means more time keep oxygen celender in lungs
  2. Same oxygen kils all viruses and germs there.
  3. This will Help to clean your stomach and indirectly it gets good blood through stomach juice and it can do function better.
  4. It creates good eco system in body and same system helps it. 

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