10 Benefits of Physical Exercise

We eat daily food and it is not necessary, it will digest fully. Undigested food will become dust. It is very necessary to clean inside body dust and toxin. Physical exercise is helpful to clean inside body and toxin. So, exercise are so important. Following are its benefits.

1. Helpful to Develop Body's All Muscles

For strength of human body, development of body's muscles are very necessary. With exercises, it can easily develop. So, physical exercises are so important to do daily.

2. Flexibility in Whole Body

Body pain happens due to lack of flexibility in bone, lack of flexibility in veins and blood vessels and lack of flexibility in muscles. We rotate our body in exercises, so, our body will become flexible and our body pain removes fastly without medicine.

3. Helpful to Increase the Ability of Lungs 

With exercise, demand of oxygen will increase and lungs helps to get oxygen. So, it will also active and its ability increases. Whole body gets good amount of oxygen and human healthy age will increase. Its good effect on heart also.

4. Helpful for Whole Digestion System 

With exercise, food can easily digest. If it will digest due to exercise, it will make more pure blood and lack of blood problem will remove.

5. Helpful to Remove Stress

Physical Exercises helps to remove the Stress. Because flow of blood increases. With pure oxygen blood will go to brain. It is brain tonic to fight each problem easily and your all stress will remove.

6. Helpful for Balanced Body Weight

Balanced body weight helps to cure lots of disease. If you have heavy weight, you get lots of heart diseases, liver diseases and kidney diseases very fastly. Exercise burns extra fat  and reduce overweight one side and second side if you have less weight, it will build your muscles and your weight will rise and reach at optimum level.

7. Exercises Gives Freshness to Body

All Exercises gives freshness. You feel light and more fresh after doing 1 or 2 hr morning and evening exercise and it is just motivation to your body and mind to do all the work. You need not tea and coffee  and smoking for freshness.

8. Helpful for Good Sleep

Sleeping is very necessary for self heal of all diseases. But all the patient has lack of sleep. If you will do any light exercise morning and evening, your will tired physically and go to sleep easily and your diseases will cure fastly.

9. Helpful to Brain Memories

With exercise, your blood with nutrition will go to brain and its all blocked veins will open and nerves will active and your brain memory power will increase.

10. Cure Indigestion

With good exercise, you will feel both hunger and thirsty and you will eat good food and drink good water and it will convert into energy fastly and you will live young and your indigestion problem will solve with exercise daily.

Following are some exercises which you can learn from us.

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Mental Health Exercises

  1. Simple Exercise for Mental Health 

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