How to Run 800 Meters in 2 Minutes

I am professional fitness trainer for your training of 800 meters in 2 minutes. Today, without any practice, I covered 800 meters in 2 minutes and 40 second. So, for me after practice to cover within 2 minutes is not big issue. This is just demo for you if you are covering it in 5 minutes or 10 minutes, I can increase your speed by giving you full training, for getting training, please contact me at my WhatsApp mobile no. 9356234925 There are three main rules of running 800 meters in 2 minutes.

 1. Deep breathing before running.

 2. Take long steps.

 3. Make a good strategy of sprint first 200 meters and then 400 meters fast and then again 200 meters superfast running.

This Training can be used for 

1. fast running,
2. For Winning the race competition,
3. For Selection in army
4. For making 800 meter Running world record

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