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Today, we will tell you the best mental health exercise. With this, your brain will be more relax. First of all, we know the mental health. What is the need of mental health. We have two parts of brain. One is big brain and second is small brain. Both must be healthy. There should not be stress in it. There should not be tension in the brain. There should not be depression in the brain. When you face physical diseases like fever, cough or cold or asthma. These are the diseases. Or If you have faced chronic diseases like kidney failure, liver failure, heart failure or HIV positive / AIDS, cancer. Or if you have faced boy pain like chest pain, back pain, knee pain, leg pain, foot pain, At that time, brain starts to remove them. Brain gives the message to immune system to remove these diseases, chronic disease and pain.  If you are facing chest pain, it means, you are facing brain pain because brain is the owner of our body physically. Soul is invisible but brain is physical owner of body.

When brain will unable to remove these chronic disease and pain, it feels  stress. When you are unable to do any work, your stress will increase. For example, I do not have these two hands, I will unable to pick up anything, on my body will face stress because I am unable to do same thing. Same thing will happen with brain. If brain is unable to remove the disease, stress on brain will increase. Now, there is two disease, one is physical disease and we get second mental disease in the form of stress, stress will give the birth of tension and tension will give the birth of depression. In the end, brain will die and with brain die, human being will die. So, mental health in adverse situations is also must. If your brain is healthy in any physical disease, your physical disease will automatically remove.Because body is self healing machine if brain is in relax form. That is the reason, all medicine gives the sleeping to brain.

Two Ways of Mental Health

When brain is unable to remove the diseases, it will start to search outside for getting medicine, use naturopathy, homoeopathy, see any youtube video or read any website or it need need relief from its stress, otherwise, it will be failure like failure of other body organ. For stress relieving, there are only two ways, one is positive and second is negative. Brain will get relief if Dopamine will release. It is chemical which increases the energy of body. But this chemical will release the stress, if it will be motivated through reward.

1. Negative Ways of Mental Health 

Now, if a person's brain starts to use negative ways for mental health. He will use following.

a) Use of Drugs

b) Use of Drinks

c) Use of Porn Videos

d) Use of More Sex

e) To make unethical relationship with opposite sex

by using all these negative ways, brain will release the stress. But brain's Dopamine will reach zero level soon. Now, at the zero level of Dopamine, human being's brain will addicted of same bad habit of using drugs, using drinks, using porn videos, using more and more sex with own wife or husband , using unethical relationship with opposite sex.

Now, human body has three diseases if brain uses negative ways of mental health.

(I) He is physical disease ( II) He is mental disease in the form of stress ( III) He is characteristics Disease in the form of Bad addiction. So, he will lose everything after this. After this, only hope and pray of God can save him. So , human being must not use negative way of mental health. Through positive thinking, he should search the positive ways of mental health.

2. Positive Way of Mental Health 

Positive way is the choice of brain. In positive way, he should do the exercise of brain. It is message for brain. He will become health.

a) Exercise for Mental Health

There is lots of list of brain exercise online.

b) Learn Best Exercise for Mental Health 

But here, we are teaching the best, simple and fast stress relieving mental health.

c) Write Gratitude Notebook Every Night Before Sleeping 

As per this exercise, you have to buy a blank notebook and pen from the market. Its cost is just Rs. 110 but it has unlimited benefits. Before sleeping, you have to write gratitude on same note book. You have to thanks for 5 to 7 people who has supported you at this day. You may include God in your list if you trust his existence.

Ist Step of This Exercise : There should a notebook and pen in your bed room

2nd Step  of This Exercise : To think about the list of people who supported you today.

3rd Step of This Exercise : To Write Same list on your one page.

Repeat Every day and one day it will be your good habit like any other physical exercise habit. Now, it will do automatically. But one it is not your bad addiction. Second it will balance your Dopamine chemical of brain. Third, it will release your stress. Fourth , you will become mental healthy. Fifth, your physical diseases will cure fastly because you will take better sleep in the night. Sixth, your bad habit of complain will remove.

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