How to Get Rid of Stomach Pain Naturally

Patient : Hello Sir, I have stomach pain for last 4-5 days. I am using fast with coconut water from 3 days. But there is no relief. What should I do, I am not getting relief

 Me : If you are facing stomach pain from 4 to 5 days or week, it may have lots of reasons where you need to focus. Yes, fast is great tool to clean stomach toxin but you have to self analysis. 

1. Did you eat past any toxin food

I include toxin food as packet food, process food and outside food including factory made food and hotel food.

 Becous when it went to your small and large intestine, it does not accept and can easily called food poison and stoamch pain is main which can keep from 1 week to 7 weeks.

Now take positive steps 

1. Never eat  packet food, process food and outside food including factory made food and hotel food

2. Make food in home and eat

3. 60 % a day food must be raw including fruits and salad and green veg. and juice.

4. Never keep constipation. Proper bowel movement is must.


Now, start cleaning process of withdrawing same food poison and toxin from body

1. Yes fast is great. Drink only water in a day. But better is lemon fruit water for fast toxin remove.

2. Eat small arom seeds it heal fast pain and remove toxin from body. 

3. Drink Mint Juice

1. Did you eat past any toxin food in your Brain  with Negative Thinking of Mind 

Mind is our big friend if we give it direction from soul. Mind is our big enemy if it direct us through negative thinking

If you think negative, your brain will eat this negative food and it will take negative decision of making negative harmons. Same harmon will travel in your intestine and it shrink its size because small intestine width size is also small and it will become more small with negative harmons. Now, toxin will start to collect but not remove because difficult to pass the stool. So, stomach pain start due to same dust harm digest clavity.

Now take positive steps 

1. Think always positive

2. Never take stress

3. Do yoga, pranvayam and meditation for relax your mind

4. Control yourself instead control on outside bad situations.

5. Smile and bring happiness daily.

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