How to Control Negative Emotions

Dear friends, today we will talk about how you can you control your negative emotions? Friends, a friend asked that there is a lot of negativity in him; there will be little trouble in the head; pain in the head  or there will be pain in the stomach; it will feel like it has caused a very serious illness. And in doing so, he will tell me that he will spend four to five hours and he will be shocked. The thoughts of his fear are born in his mind with a small cough, and any thing in the house will become such a big stress. So what is the question that he has asked: can this negative thinking be eliminated?

As a Naturopathy doctor, I can say it can be removed from Natural Healing. If you have also  Negativity, then let's learn how to control it.

Example Our Emotions are Car Gears 

I  give you a demo for a car.  Guys, this is the car of life. We have seen that my friend has driven a car. So there are 5 gears in that car, but there are 2 gear in the car of life. A positive gear  which is the first gear. A negative gear which is back gear. Positive gear will grow you and negative gear will kill you.

There may be many  events with you. Anyone  may  harm you.  Nobody cares about you. The second party that may hurt you But you are sitting in the car of your life. You have to take a decision that you have to go to these negative emotions by thinking all these past events.

If you have done a harm, you will harm yourself by thinking negative for same person, then you will become a person of hurt feeling or not it is your Choice. If someone insults you, you make his image or not, it is your choice. You have an event and if you think negative about the event, it means, physical symptoms will start in your body in the form of disease.

What will be in next day. You may see the high body temperature. If we have put this back in the gear, then you will have to take this physical disease. We will take care of the gear of our emotions, then we can see that we can put positive gear. You have to take two actions

1. Laugh every day (Laugh Therapy)
2. Smile every day

Update on Feb. 1 2018 

1. Laugh Each Day (Laugh Therapy)

You have to  laugh each day. Because it has lots of benefits for controlling negative emotions.

1. Body Relax by Laughing 

 The body relaxes by laughing.  The stress will disappear. In beginning of laugh therapy, you have to laugh fake.  After few minutes, it will start real when happy emotion will get place in your brain.

2. It will Decrease Your Body Pain at Zero Level

If you laugh daily, it will decrease your body pain at Zero level. Your all small disease will disappear and you will get relief from pain.

Today one of my patients told me that he was very upset that the report was telling him that he has become the patient of HIV positive. After that he thought that life is now over. After a few months he again made a test and telling the report that he was not HIV positive. I told him to laugh and laugh. He practiced it and now the result is in front of you.Now, his all reports are okay. Now, understand what happened that the virus which was called  hiv positively died with his laughing. Now all the report are OK.

3. It Makes Feel Good Chemical in Brain 

In the brains, by laughing, the process of the making of feel Good Chemical  will start.  If you would laugh daily. My main sadness is the point that a young and old the person that laugh less than just 10 times and a child laughs more than 400 times.

Every man has pressed the back gear of Negativity, due to this he is suffering all kinds of diseases. This gear is in the hands of your friends who affected you negativity. You just have to laugh by taking the gear in your hand by pressing the positive gear. Take a  gap of 15 minutes in every hour and laugh. And you will smile 400 times in a month from laughing 10 times a month. And in the one month, all your sickness will get worse.

Soon, I will update its detail. 

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