9 Unknown Health Benefits of Carom Seeds (Ajwain)

We all know the name of carom seeds or ajwain. It is also called thyme. In kitchen, it adds in cooking as garam masala powder for tongue taste. But do you know there are lots of health benefits. Ok, today, we will explain some emerging, super, important, best, impressive, wonderful and unknown health benefits for you. 

1. Helpful to Cure Food Poison

If you have eaten basa food. Like you have made food yesterday and ate today. At that time, you may feel chronic pain in stomach which will untolerable and sometime vomit. In past, I faced same and eaten 5 spoon of carom seeds or ajwain or thyme or ajvayan and add add 1 spoon of black salt. Within few minutes, I cured my all food poison problems. This is one of great treatment and there is fast and no allopathic medicine can become competitor of this treatment. 

Take a ctori and add both black salt and thyme or ajvayan and use it in case of food poison.

2. Helpful to Cure Vayu Gola

If there is big vayu gola in your stomach which can be touched and feel. If you eat morning and evening carom seeds or ajwain or  thyme for few days by chewing it. Your all vayu gola will go out of body. 

3. Helpful to Cure Stomach Pain

If you have pain in stomach due to any reason. You can get peace fast by eating some carom seeds or thyme or ajvayan. It is very simple and fast relief because it will open tight stomach and give warm it and we will get relief from pain. 

4. Helpful to Cure Ringworm

If you have ringworm, you can grind carom seeds or ajvayan or thyme in water and add paste on the ringworm and bind it with simple cotton and cotton pati and your ringworm will cure. 

5. Helpful to Cure Acidity

If your eaten food becomes acid and will give pain to your chest by absorbing same acid by chest veins, you should eat carom seeds with some badam. It will cure your acidity.

6. Helpful to Cure Stomach Gas

If your stomach is full of stomach gas by not digesting the food. Eat some carom seeds or ajwain and see its magic. your all stomach gas will go down and clear naturally instead going brain and give you headache. 

7. Helpful to Cure Iron Nail Puncture Wound

Add carom seeds in haldi , fitkari and sarso ka tel and paste on same puncture wound for 7 days and all swelling and pain will remove and it will cure. 

8. Helpful for Weight Loss

You can use the Carom seeds for weight loss. Because it is warm and helpful to fat burn.

9. Hellpful to Relief Body Pain

You can give massage of painful area by adding carom seeds powder in it and you will get relief from pain. It is natural pain killer. 

Be Careful for Using it

Never eat it more than limit. It is natural medicine not energy fruit.  Try to avoid if your have pit prakrti fever or you are pregnant or you are in summer season of temprature 40+

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