How to Treat Stomach Acidity

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or Follow simple steps of Naturopathic Treatment of Gastric / Acid Reflux / Acidity which are relating to transforming your bad life style into good life style.

1. Clean intestine by fast 12 days in one month
2. Chewing 32 times
3. Enema
4. Benefit from Pancreas
5. Stop to eat non-veg., meat, chiken, eggs,
6. Stop to drink cold water, soft water, alcohol, coca cola, pepsi, readymade packed juice
7. stop to eat salt, meda and sugar,
8. stop to eat oily and fast food
9. O to 10 kms per day running plan
10. O to 25 push up plan
11. 0 to 50 long breathing plan
12. 1 Hr. exercise plan
13. Eat before 6 pm
14. Eat Only fruits and green vegetables.
15. Stop to eat any fried  vegetables.

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