Message on Independence Day 2018

First of All, I am giving my best wishes to all Indian who are living in India and out of India at 72nd  Independence Day 2018. We are entering 72th year of our independence. On 15th August, we have won our freedom by endless efforts of our freedom fighters.

At this Independence day, I am giving my message.

1. Get Health with Natural Ways : Stop to Use All Allopathic Medicines. 

Allopathic treatment is not Indian treatment. It is costly and with full of Side-effects. It should be banned in 15th August 2018. Only Ayurveda and naturopathic treatment should be live in free India which is cheap and without side effects. There is big need of naturopathy science research in India.

2.  All surgery should also ban in India

 Everything can cure without the use of surgery. My 150 videos are the proof of this. With natural way, I have cured hernia, fibroids, varicocele, hydrocele, tonsil, sinusitis and other diseases without surgery. Surgery is costly and with full of side effects.

3. All should Get Full Health Free of Cost with 5 Naturopathy Rules

If have to healthy and want to serve mother land for repaying the debt of freedom fighters, you need to follow strict rules of health.

1) Eating of Natural Food is Must

You have to stop unnatural food like meat, non veg and eggs.

You have to stop colored food

You need to chewing food 32 times

2) Exercise is must

You have to walk 20 kms daily

3) Overcome to All Addiction is Must

You have to stop alcohol addictioin

You have to stop smoking addiction

You have to stop porn addiction

You have to stop mobile addiction

You have to stop medicine eating addiction

You have to stop masturbation addiction

4) Control to All Stress is must

5) Bhrahmcharya is also Must

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