How to Prevent Disease

 Understand disease is different from signs of disease. Following are the main sign of diseases

1. Gas 

2. Stomach Upset 

3. Stomach Pain 

4. Headache

5. Loose motion 

6. Constipation

7. Fever 

8. Acidity

9. Body pain 

Now, you have to check when you eat any outside the food during festival season or any party. You will find anything out of above. 

Now, you have to stop to eat same. It may be sweets or salty outside food like barfi, rasgula, gulabjamun and bhujiya and samosa.

Never eat it for the next  months

If you again eat and ignore these symptoms, you will face the following problem.

1. Cancer disease

2. Diabetes disease

3. Heart disease

4. Liver disease

5. Lungs disease

Video Tutorial 

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