How to Treat Umblical Hernia without Surgery

 Question by Patient 

Hello sir.. I have umblical hernia

Sir my age is 32 yrs i had  a baby 3.9 yrs ago by C section. Post that 2.9 yrs ago I had gall bladder removed by lapcoly. Now I hav found that I have a beginning of umblical hernia.... I have no pain and no bulge... But due to this I am not able to plan my next baby... Plz help if  any treatment for umblical hernia with out surgery.

Answer by Me 

Operation is not solution. You need not Go to C Section. Naturally, baby can be born. You need not go for removing gallbladder through laproscropy. Both operation has given the birth of new health problem. Now, if you want to treat your umblical hernia naturally, you need to follow natural conduct. All this happened due to bad conduction of nature. You may had bad food, did bad sleep and did not follow brahmacharya.

1. First follow brahmacharya by knowing its benefits

2. Eat natural food

3. Stop non veg and eggs and refined oil

4. Do daily 20 km walk

5. Do exercise and yog. 

Follow following video

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