How to Remove Gallstones Naturally - 5 Steps Try

Today, time, all people life style have totally bad. I got the whatsapp from outside India that doctors are also not good health and suffering chronic diseases. Why because all disturbe from lifestyle point of view. Whether you have kidney stone or gallstone that is your life style mistake. If any person faces the road accident, I can understand, it is not life style mistake and emergency can be handled through surgery. But if you got right side pain and you got the ultersound, citi scan and found the fact that you have the gallstone. This stone is in your gallbladder which is below the liver and this gallbladder is pouch type  shaped. This gallbladder makes the bile. See this image. 

If there is stone in this pouch, it is called gallstone or gallbladder stone. You will run to allopathyic doctor. The allopathic doctor suggest to remove the gallbladder through surgery. But you should be rational and never do the mistake in hurry. Gallblader is very important organ for our health. 

When we eat any fatty food, it goes to small intestine. When it comes to small intestine and our liver comes to its duty. It gives some chemical which is like fluid and it is called bile and it gives to gallbladder and gallbladder release further it to pancrease and small intestine for digestion same fat. Remember, Back of it, there is a gland whose name is pancreas and with this bile, fat is digested and converted into the part of energy which takes blood cells from small intestine. 

Due to existence of gallblader, this eaten fat does not increase in your body and your weight always keeps in balance. Due to this gallblader, you always keep energatic and powerful under balanced weight. 

Due to your life style mistake, your fat does not digested with gallblader bile but same undigested fat creates stone in gallbladder by going there. That stone is called dust fat. 

You eat fatty food and sit. This is the cause of dust. See all the people who only sitting duty or brain duty and due to no exercise, there weight gains, and dust collected in the body in the form of undigested fat which makes gallstone. As it increases its size and become the barrier of your bile duct, you will face heavy pain right side same area. You will not tolerate such pain. 
and you ready to operate it. and after operation, no one can stop you from overweight and next pain is of your chest due to over burden on your heart with same undigested fat. 

So, it is important organ, never remove it. It can cure naturally. It is not stone which you see outside the world, it is solid form of your body dust fat and cholesterol

1.  Think positive regarding life style improvement                                                                                                                                                             

You have to bring the positive thought in your mind that you can remove it naturally from your body. I have the power to fully clean my gallbladder pouch. I will keep my gallbladder pouch, it is necessary for releasing the bile and digesting my fat naturally. For example, If you eat the mustered green veg. it has natural fat and it only digest if there is bile in the gallbladder. So, I have to take all action which is need to heal it naturally. 

You have to speak the benefits of Good life Style 

Doctor is saying you if you will not do the gallbladder operation, you will face gallbladder infection. 

Speak like this now

If I change my lifestyle, I will not be infected from my gallbladder. IT will be neutral. 

Doctor is saying you if you will not do the gallbladder operation, you will face gallbladder duct infection

Speak like this now

If I change my lifestyle, I will not be infected from my gallbladder duct. IT will be neutral. 

Doctor is saying you if you will not do the gallbladder operation, you will face pancreas inflammation. 

Speak like this now

I am improving my life style, and I will not such problem in future. this issue will come who has bad bad bad bad life style, I am working for my good, good, good, good life style.

You also have to remember and speak the side effects which will come after operation

Remember god has used his biggest brain and set the gallbladder in our body and doctor wanted to remove it through operation. Is it not the failure of doctor. If he or she really surgeon, he or she has to cut your bad life style with his or her tools without harming your gallbladder. 

Speak like this now

If I will do the cholecystectomy, I will face overweight and heart problems in future. All those who did this, are facing overweight problem because they stop the way of releasing bile through cholecystectomy

Speak like this now

If I will do surgery, I will face blood clot problem

2. Stop to give more dust fat to body                                                                                                                                                                                     

You have to stop to give dust fat to body. This fat comes from fatty and oily more food. You eat samose, pakore, puridya and bujiya and sweet jalabi and all are made of dalda or refined oil and creat dust fat in the body. So, stop it and give time to body to work to remove past dust fat that is your gallstone.

Every month, you should keep one water fast. So, it will give the power to body to remove gallstone with urine and bowel movement. After this, your gallbladder will make optimum level bile only. Except this, drink more and more fruit juice without salt, ice and sugar in it. There is no month, when I do not eat fruits or drink fruit juice in each day. In winter, I ate fruits and in summer, I also ate fruit. With eating more and more fruits, your level of dust fat in your body never increases. 

There are lots of good fibers in fruits which helps to gallbladder to work proper and never become the container of gallstone. 

Do you know fruits also gives fat but it gives only in small amount what can body digest and convert in to energy. Extra fat means more chance of gallstone and kidney stone. 

Eat also green veg. raw. Eat more salad. Eat more and more gajar, muli, khira and kakri. Eat patherchat chatni. 

Outside is full of dustful food. Never eat outside food. Be committed to stop unnatural food. 

Never eat non veg, eggs and meat. On the road, I see advertisement banner. Eat daily chiken and get healthy. Now, truth is opposit from this advertisement. Eat daily chicken and go to Shamshanghat before the time of death. 

Never eat Panir.

 3. Consume old dust fat                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Gallstone is not stone which you kids play. It is collection the dustful fat in solid form. Follow my 0 to 20 kms walking plan. Start from slow and slowly walk and walk and achieve your goal of 20 kms. It will remove your gallstone. If you have tired, rest and keep your foot in warm water. This walking brings heat in your stomach and starts to burn all your dust fat that is gallstone. 

Did you see the stone on fire. It will burn, only continually give fire to it. If you have less time, you can run 0 to 5 kms. 

I also run daily. I also walk daily. I also exercise daily. I also yog daily. 

Never stop walking. Walk, walk, walk and walk and it will burn your gallstone and convert into bile and make your healthy. 

 4.  Stop to eat medicines                                                                                                                                                                                           

Never eat any medicine for any disease. I always says if you shoot will gun, if it did not get its target, it may achieve any other target. There are lots of side effects of eating medicines. It will fail your liver. 

5.  Stop to Anger                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Anger and aggressive mood on any issue kills your great idea and thinking and self help opportunity. Opposite of anger means. Peace. Peace means lack of stress and in peace, you feel more relax and more opportunity to nature who will work fast to heal your gallstone naturally. 

Never create anger and selfish environment in family, in relationship and in friendship and it disturb your harmons and contribute to make your gallstone. So, freedom from it will carry near to healing process. 

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