Swami Dayanand Naturopathy Hospital YouTube Channel Deleted Videos From Public

 From 4 years, we are making the videos on Swami Dayanand Naturopathy Hospital YouTube Channel. We have seen in 4 years, some videos are less than 500 views. Recently, we have made new rule if our channel will produce videos which has less than 500 views in two months, it may be deleted from public due to raising our channel standard. So, we have deleted videos from public. 

But if there are lots of fan who saw these videos and wants these deleted videos to learn from again, we have made the list here to see our deleted videos from public. If you will share and if it cross 500 views, it may again public in our youtube channel. These videos are 100+ out of these, we have selected 5 videos which deserves 500+ views. So, watch and increase its performance. Thanks 

1. Naturopathy Treatment of Psoriasis 341 Views

2. Treatment for chronic pancreatitis? 287 Views

3. Naturopathy Treatment of Endometriosis 211 Views 

4. Heal Red Eyes Naturally  244 Views 


How to Be Humble? 210 Views


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