What is the best treatment for chronic pancreatitis?

 The best treatment for chronic pancreatitis is to stop all the allopathic medicines and pain killers first because it will make your cause worse with temporary pressing your disease.

Now, visualise, you are starting investing your time and energy for good health.

In this take following positive action

  1. Get up and Sleep between 4 am to 8 pm as strict habit.
  2. Grow your fruits and green vegetables and salad and daily make your strict habit to eat them. Stop packet and process food. Stop non veg. and eggs. 
  3. Make your habit to regular exercises and walking morning and evening
  4. Do pranvayam
  5. Do asan
  6. Do weekly fast and eat one time food with grain. It helps to recover
  7. Use tulsi 12 leaves + water mix daily
  8. Forgive to those who hurt you. Emotionally heal first to heal pancreas
  9. Thankful to those who help you. Emotionally grateful for all help.
  10. Invest some time to laugh daily and stop all alcohol and smoking addictions.

All these steps remove all toxins from your pancreas and it will make your pancreas inflammation free.

Watch to understand all these steps from my video


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