13 Health Benefits of Eating Pomegranate

In Hindi, it is old saying, Only one pomegranate can cure 100 diseases. It is true. Pomegranate can eat to cure 100 diseases because it is full of vetamins and minerals. It has calcium, megnasiam, fasforas, iron, sodiam, potasiam, copper and vetamin b complex and vetamin c. As per Ayrveda, it has lots of benefits for becoming us healthy. Following is the list of the health benefits of Eating Pomegranate.

1. Remove the Weakness

If you are coming from chronic disease and your body are weak. Eat one pomegranate. You will get again energy. Pomegranate has power to remove your all body weakness and give you full power.

2. Helpful to Digestion 

If you are unable the digestion of food. Eat one pomegranate in morning and afternoon after eating of food. Your all eaten food will digest.

3. Helpful to Cure Acidity

Instead eating of eno or any other medicine. Eat daily one Pomegranate + Small elachi , your all acidity in chest will cure.

4. Helpful to Cure Bloody Loose Motion

If you have the problem of bloody loose motion due to any stomach disease, eat one pomegranate with sof + dhaniya leaves. It will cure your all type bloody loose motion. 

5. Helpful to Cure Pile 

If you have the problem of painful pile and you are unable to cure it with medicine. Never go to operation. Just eat 3 Time Pomegranate fruit and it will cure.

6. Helpful to Cure leukorrhea

If woman has disease of leukorrhea, eat daily pomegranate fruit morning and evening with small kali mirach dane, it will cure.

7. Helpful to Cure Vomit

If you have the problem of vomit, drink juice of ripe pomegranate, your this problem will solve.

8. Helpful to Cure cough

If you have the cough or short breathing problem, eat pomegranate or drink its juice daily, it will cure. 

9. Helpful to Cure Cold

In cold, eat pomegranate with gur three time in a day, your cold will cure.

10. Helpful to Cure baldness

Baldness and falling of hair  happen due to body and brain weakness. Eat daily pomegranate, your baldness will remove and your new hairs will come.

11. Helpful to Cure Gonorrhoea

Due to infection in urine tube, you face gonorrhoea. By eating daily pomegranate, your gonorrhoea will cure. 

12. Helpful to Strong Your Liver

If your liver is weak. Strong it by eating pomegranate fruit daily.

13. Helpful to Cure High BP

If you have the problem of high bp long term, start to eat pomegranate daily. It will cure high bp. 

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