Natural Treatment of Cough

Today we will tell you how you can cure your cough in a natural way. First of all, I want to tell you that cough is not a disease. Having a cough means that there is phlegm in your trachea or lungs, some foreign particles have gathered in your breathing tube and you are having trouble taking your breath and to cure it by nature, loud air is sent to the outside which  is also called air reflex so that if the balgam goes out of the trachea and lungs, the same is called cough.

Whenever a cough comes, it usually gets cured on its own in 10 days.

 We can divide its main causes on the basis of duration of Cough

1) Cough that ends on its own before 21 days

This is called acute cough. This happens due to the accumulation of mucus  in the chest and it is done even if the common cold. This cough hinders your breathing. Sometimes a dry cough also comes in which the mucus does not come out. Actually, this happens who does very hard work but do not use any fat at optimum level.

2. Cough that lasts even after 21 days

This is called chronic cough

If you

A) If there is an infection in the lungs or if there is inflammation in the lungs, the cough continues even after 21 days which

That indicates severe lung disease

B) If you have acid in your stomach and when it comes to the chest above, then it is sucked through the respiratory tract, which causes soothing and infection in the trachea and lungs, due to which you face coughing.

C) The people who smoke, will face coughing soon or later.

D) Even if you have asthma due to pollution, you cough for a long time.

E) Those who have hernia also have cough. One side cough consume energy and second side, hernia pain consumes energy of human body. So, to cure hernia, you must focus on healthy life style.

F) Apart from this, those who have any heart disease or lung cancer also have chronic cough.

Let us now learn how to treat it naturally.

Before that, tell you the symptoms of cough

a) It is a loud push of air from the lungs upwards like the acid from the stomach comes towards the mouth.

B) tightness is felt in the chest

C) There can be difficulty in breathing.

Below is the treatment steps you have to take

First step: remove the causes of cough and the cough will disappear by itself

According to Charaka Rishi, there are three main types of cough, vata cough, cough of bile and cough of phlegm as per his Charaka Samhita.

a) If you have a cough with phlegm in which cream or yellow colored mucus comes out after coughing from your mouth, then you have to stop the fried and oily stuff and food completely completely. Along with this, refined oil has to be stopped, if you have a whooping cough, then you can use cream derived from  fresh curd.

B) Meat, fish and eggs also have to stop eating, this also produces fat in the langs, which causes cough with phlegm. So stop eating them.

C) Apart from this, fast food, junk food, hotel food also stop eating

D) The habit of eating more than your capacity is also wrong due to which this problem occurs. Get used to eating less food

E) You do not sleep during the day. Due to this, the food is not digested and the cough is not there to get the mucus out, you have to sleep at 4 in the morning and get up at 3 in the morning. | With this your dust goes out of the body fastly. And you don't cough

F) You should not have excessive sexual intercourse and female love affair. Only do female affairs to have a child goal. Age is reduced due to excess enjoyment and tuberculosis causes tremendous cough.

C) Never eat water after eating fried food. Anyway, make the rules drink water after 1 hour of your meal.

To prevent chronic cough, you have to take special care of sugar products. Never never eat it. Don't drink cold drinks and soft drinks. Do not eat salty and khata and sweet. Do not eat fast food and do not smoke tobacco and cigarettes.

Those who eat fastly, get trapped in the respiratory tract and gets infection. So eat slowly.

I have told you the natural way to cure acidity, cure hernia and cure asthma and after getting the knowledge of that, you can treat these diseases yourself.

Second step: Exercise 1 hour every morning and evening

For those who do not exercise, undigested food reaches their lungs, how does it go from lungs if you are so lazy. The toilet is not clear. This dust is mixed in the blood. The blood goes to the cell of the lungs and it becomes filament, and whatever force is exerted by it, it does not come out by coughing, the reverse of cough is destroyed by power. For this, the best time is to take a daily walk at 4 am in the morning, exercise, do asanas, pranayam. With this, cough will remove

Third step: Drink water everyday, eat ginger, eat turmeric and garlic.

Water, ginger, turmeric and garlic are natural medicines that eliminate cough root.

Water comes out of the body by thinning the mucus and remove it from neck.

Ginger melts the mucus by heating the body. Boil ginger and drink is water by cooling it. 

Turmeric reduces soreness and pain. Add turmeric in food and eat daily. 

Garlic eliminates infection. Add garlic in food and eat it. 

Except this, you should take also fruits which have more Vetamin C content like mosami, santra, kinu, awala and nibhu. All removes th cough. Try to avoid banana if you you have lots of mucus

Video Tutorial

This video tutorial will explain above detail in very simple words.

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