Naturopathy Treatment of Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea or Sujak in Hindi is fast growing disease. So, in this weekly new video, we will treat Gonorrhea or sujak with the simple rules of Naturopathy.

In the video, "Naturopathy treatment of Gonorrhea ", you will get answers your major questions.

Questions 1. What is Gonorrhea?

Answer : Gonorrhea is disease which is production of unethical relation and not following Brahmcharya. When there is there is no Brahmcharya in life, unlimited disease can capture human body and Gonorrhea is one of them.

1. If you keep unethical relation with other person, you may face this disease.
2. If you go to prositution for sex, you may face this disease.
3. If you do more sex than need for production of baby with own wife, your immune system will low and you may face this disease.

Viraj or semen is the power of human body. Wastage of its one drop is the destruction of human body. So, it is also called Sujak in Hindi

Question 2. What are symptoms of Gonorrhea?


1. Burning with urination
2. Pain with Urination
3. Pus during Urination
4. Fealing tired

Quesion 3. What are the major roots of Gonorrhea?

Answer. Keeping Unethical relation and breaking of Brahmcharya

Question 4. Can male or female both affected from this disease?

Answer : Yes

Question 5. As per naturopathy what is solution of Gonorrhea?


1. Strict following brahmcharya by stopping all unethical relations with other, stopping sex with own wife, stopping porn, doing treatment of your night fall problem, stopping hastmathun.

2. Eating Fruits and Green Vegetables more and more

3. Clean you intestine

4. Do Hard Exercise

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