10 Unknown Health Benefits of Eating Basil Leaves

We all know the basil or tulsi plant and most Indian people keeps it in home for spiritual purpose. All know that it has power to cure 20 type fever. You should use it in all type fever whether it is attack of malaria, dengue or tified or winter fever and you see the powerful effect. If you use gloye + alovira+ papita leave + tulsi or basil leave in any fever. Within one day, you will cure all type fever and fever weakness.

Except fever, following are 10 unknown health benefits of Eating Basil Leaves

1. Helpful to Cure Cough

Cough is biggest sign of your breathing disease, you may be asthma, bronchitis or lung infection or inflammation in breathing tube. Cough may be with balgam or may be dry. Use daily basil leaves and your cough will cure soon. If you want fast relief from cough, you can eat it with kali mirach and anar ( Pomegranate) Both are also helpful to cure cough. If you have cough due to asthma, you can use black tulsi leave with pure huney.

2. Helpful to Cure Acidity

If due acidity, your chest is burning and feeling constipation and indigestion,. At that time, eat basil leaves, it will cure your all acidity problem. More fast benefit, you can get with adrak ras.

3. Helpful to Cure IBS ( Irritable bowl syndrome )

Basil has big power to boost immune system and boost resistance power. Due to this, it will cure your IBS. In IBS, your digestion will weak. Bowel will not smooth. Eat basil leave and follow naturopathy rules and you will cure.

4. Helpful to Cure Both Constipation and Loose Motion

One of great plant in the world who cure both constipation and loose motion because it strong your small and big intestine. Eat it daily and you can cure your loose motion or constipation.

5. Helpful to Cure All Eye Diseases

Whether you have cataracts or eye inflammation or Pain in eye. Start to eat basil leave. It will give benefit and cure all your eye diseases.

6. Helpful to Cure Mouth Ulcer 

Due to stomach gas, acidity and constipation, you get mouth ulcer, eat daily basil leave and it will cure.

7. Helpful to Cure Headache

Drink Basil leave with lemon juice. It will cure your headache.

8. Helpful to Cure Male Physical Weakness

Drink Desi Cow Milk with Basil leaves or its seed. You all male weakness due to night fall, due to datu weakness, due to lack of sperm counts, due to pain in tasticles or sujak or shigar patan.

9. Helpful to Open Monthly Period 

If any woman wants to open monthly period, she should eat basil leave, dry adrak, ajvayan and boil in water and drink.

10. Helpful to Cure Leucorrhoea

Whether you have white Leucorrhoea or bloody Leucorrhoea. Eat few days basil with desi cow milk. If you are pregnent, then do not use this trick.

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