How to Cure Red Eye Problem Naturally

On 23rd June during my stunt for running with train for making a video, I think, there was outside particle went to my eyes and within one day, it has become red color. It is ugly and it affected my face beauty and I felt discomfort and my self-confidence had lost. Tears are also not coming. You can see its image.

Now, after 12 days, it has fully cured and Our human eyes has three parts. One is sclera, Cornea and Lens. In following my tomorrow picture, you can see, it has now fully white color.

Now, I am sharing my success story. Hope you will inspire and focus to follow its tips.

First Positive Step # 

Show Your Eyes to Eye Specialist  If You Face Eyes Accident

My case was not of disease of inside, it is totally case of accident. Outside particle and dust went to my eyes and it infected and inflammation and broke my eye veins and bloodshot, you can see in my eye. At that time, best step is to show your red eyes to eye specialist if you face any eye accident on the road or outside particle in the eyes.

Eye expert will give you best two eye drops. One is

Eye drops for bring artificial tears. Because tear naturally dies due to redness, so, first natural rule is to add these drops as per direction of eye specialist.

Second is for stopping bacteria growing on eye because there is not blood supply in the eyes because eye veins have damaged due to red problem. So, also add preservatives like benezalkonium chloride, there is big market but best will tell your eye specialist.

No need to eat any medicine. Thanks my eye specialist for for prefer me best eye drops for this.

Remember : In emergency of accident, try to safe fast. In long run, try to improve natural life style. If there is road accident, best is surgery. If there is diabetes, best is to change life style. This is natural rule. 

Second Positive Step # 

Cool Your Eyes All the Time 

Now, second positive natural step was to care of my red eyes upto its total white color from red color.

Our body needs only 25 degree to 30 degree temperature. My city temperature was 45+ degree. Because already my eyes red and I need to give more relief to color my body temperature. So, I add water color in my office and home. I do not use AC from last 20 years and protect my immune system to survive all natural temperature. But for protecting sick, first time this summer , I have used water cooler and kept my room temperature less than 30 degree which I checked through my mobile app. Thanks this app for giving me this information.

Third Positive Steps #

Eat and Drink More Green Veg. 

I started to Eat Green Veg. Juice and eating Green Veg. Daily. As naturopathy doctor, I know, I have to make fast blood for better eyes. So, I started to drink more green veg. juice and I relief from inside inflammation from it.

(I) I drink podina juice.
(II) I drank loki juice.
(III) I drank palak juice.
(IV) I drank Green Rajma Veg. Juice
(V) I drank Gloye + Tulsi + Papaita leaves juice

Fourth Positive Steps # 

Drink and Bath More with Water 

I Drank more water. I bath more. I have increased the level of my bathing and drinking water. Water is the power to clean the body and that is reason, today, I again my eyes has white color. Thanks God who made water.

Fifth Positive Steps #

Use Cap and Eye Glasses if Go Outside in Summer 

I have stopped to wondering in 40+ temperature. If I needed, I took my cap and I also must used eye glasses.

I recommend to all to use eye glasses. It is natural support to protect your eyes from outside pollution and dust. Now, it is my habit. Please write the comment to tell did you inspire from my story or did you use these steps to solve your red eye problem.

Sixth Positive Steps # 

Rest is BEST Medicine 

I have taken more rest from my laptop and mobile. I know, REST is best medicine. I did also light the exercise before sunrise. Please try to do exercise before sunrise in summer. It is benefited to your eyes. Heat stress is one of main problem if there is temperature 40+, it will automatically increase bp and increased  bp is harmful for eyes. So, avoid this stress because both exercise and then sun heat pressure on your brain. So, do fit with exercise by avoid heat stress.

Seventh Positive Steps #

Never Bring Anxiety and Fear of Future

Never bring anxiety or fear in the mind. It is truth when there is any wrong in the body, our mind will have anxiety and fear. I am not exception of this. I have also my mind and I just searched google and this red eye problem carries you eye cancer. Yes, it is tree if you will not focus to care of your eyes and will not take above six positive steps. But, I started to speak

I am healthy.

My eyes are healthy.

I am strong from inside.

I have trust on God

My immune system is strong.

My inside encouraging words speaking has helped me to overcome this bad situation fastly. I again focused my own videos. Watch you and be inspired

Seventh Positive Steps #

Laugh More 

These 12 Days, I laughed more than normal. All helps me to keep my positive emotions and you can see its positive results in my white eyes. I know laughing brings happiness and remove all body's stress. If you will laugh more, your eye red problem will also fastly cure. Laughing is miracle. If your inside mind feels sadness only, no eye drop will work. No medicine will work. Overcome all negative emotions are most. Love all. Never hate anyone. Bring gratitude attitude. Never complain. Never criticise. Never backbite. Feel satisfy.

Eight Positive Steps #

Accept Your Mistakes and Improve Them

I accepted my mistake that I did stunt without eye glasses, second it was the time of 10 AM I think, and I went without water. So, I did not dyhydrate during running in high temperature.

Now, I improved it by taking water when I go outside in the summer and keep glass in my eyes.  I think,

In Conclusion

Red problem in my eyes is blessing of God for giving me good lesson to take care of God's All boons. We can not buy the eyes. No eye means no world. Love your eyes. Take care of it. In end, I am thankful all online and offline resources for increasing my knowledge for care of eyes.

If your red eyes problem due to your diabetes disease or high blood sugar level in body, cure your diabetes naturally.

If your red eyes problem due to high bp, cure your high bp naturally.

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